10 Creative DIY Photoshoot Ideas at Home for your Baby Girl

some parents may decide not to prioritize photoshoots as this will just add up to the expenses. Better think twice parents, because there's good news. Do not miss those priceless moments. You can have your DIY baby photoshoot at your home without needing to spend much.

It’s a girl! A line that is usually uttered excitedly by the host of a baby shower upon gender reveal.

The moment a mom carries her newborn after birth is such a joyous moment. As a new parent, you probably have realized how fleeting the days of your baby’s growth are. You want to keep a memory of these special days before they grow bigger. This is where you find baby photoshoots important and a perfect way to capture and preserve these unforgettable days.

As you prepare for your baby’s birth, you probably have been planning to take amazing photos of your babe. Having a baby girl might be an advantage for photoshoots because you can use more vibrant colors and make use of different varieties of props, designs, and outfits.

But, one concern parents might raise about having photoshoots is the budget. Undeniably, having a newborn baby can cost you big. So, some parents may decide not to prioritize photoshoots as this will just add up to the expenses. Better think twice parents, because there’s good news. Do not miss those priceless moments. You can have your DIY baby photoshoot at your home without needing to spend much.

What is a DIY Photoshoot At Home?

DIY photoshoot is capturing professional-looking pictures just by using simple items and equipment at home. How to? Easy-peasy. You need not be elaborately prepared. All you need to have is your camera phone and gather simple items around your home for props and designs. This is not only easy but also budget-friendly.

 Look around now and gather those items you think would fit the personality of your baby girl and start taking your stunning snapshots. To help you get started with it, you need to know first what set-up or design you want to have for your pictures.

Here’s your guide to 10 creative DIY photoshoots for your baby girls you can make at home. Choose your design as I discuss with you the pros and cons of each Idea.

Baby Basket

You probably bought a basket full of fruits or flowers in the market months ago and decided to keep it, thinking of recycling it. Then here’s the perfect time to reuse it. You can line it up with a soft fabric and then place your baby on top with some of her favorite toys as her accessories. Don’t forget to put a simple headband on your baby’s head to accentuate the style.

This is very doable since it’s simple and budget-friendly. The only disadvantage is if you don’t have any basket or even something with a similar feature. If you want to try this idea, you can buy one in the market but be sure to choose the cheap one or buy any commodity that comes with a basket for free. Then you are good to go!

Fabric Backgrounds

This is an advantage for mothers whose hobby or talent is sewing. You may have a lot of different colors and styles of fabrics hidden that are of no use anymore. Then grab those fabrics and reuse them as your baby’s background. Just plainly lay the fabric on your bed and place your baby down wearing a plain white onesie. The contrast between the white onesie and the colorful fabric will surely create a picture-perfect shot.

The more vibrant and patterned the fabrics are, the more catchy the photos can be. The only issue with this idea is that you will be needing a bigger fabric that can fit the whole frame of the picture where your baby girl lies. Sewing moms usually don’t have this kind of excess fabric. But curtains and blankets can be an option too. Just make sure it’s colorful and patterned for the most flashy shot you could take.

The Cocoon Wrap

Just grab that stretchy material cloth and wrap your baby in just like what a cocoon looks like. Tuck her hands and legs inside and start wrapping her. You can go as simple as having neutral colored wrapping cloth and background or you may choose to be more vibrant in colors. Using crochet patterns is a popular trend right now for baby photoshoots.

Since you have a baby girl, there are limitless ways in designing it. You can try buttoned-up sides to hoods and matching hats. Feel free to browse for designs. But, take note that some babies may not be comfortable with it at first. She may cry making it difficult to keep her in that position. If this happens, just don’t give it. You can work through wrapping by gently soothing them. Soon enough, they’ll feel the warmth of the good snug wrap.

The Floral Wreath

This idea creates a frame-worthy print. You just need to gather those gorgeous blooms to create a wreath where you will be placing your lovely lil’ girl. You have the luxury to pick any flowers you want, plastic, dried, or real, as long as you create patterns in arranging them.

This idea matches the personality of your baby girl laying around those vibrant hues of floral wreaths. Sadly, this might not be a good idea for those who lack artistic minds. They might think it needs more fashion or style in arranging it. But hey, you still can give your best shot. After all, the rich colors of flowers are pleasing enough to the eye and will surely help create stunning photos.

Gift Box

They say babies are heaven-sent. True enough, they are a gift from God. So why not portray them in a real box. Dress up your baby girl nicely and place them in a beautifully designed box. You can use a fluffy fabric and accessorize it with flowers to give your baby girl an ethereal look. And to make it more heavenly, you can put some tiny little wings on your baby to portray that “heaven-sent” idea.

This is a perfect capture for baby girls and it’s super fun to prepare. But, this may be an elaborately decorated setup. Some may opt to spend some on props to make it more detailed. For example, if you happen to have no angel wings at home, you may be tempted to buy one. But, stop yourself from spending since this is a DIY photoshoot. You just need to search the web on how to make your little wings for your baby girl. 

Little Ballerina

Every baby girl’s photoshoot is incomplete without this get-up. A baby girl that’s wearing a beautiful tutu is to die for. Grab that white or pink-colored comfortable tutu for your baby and pair it with a lovely hairband with flowers or diamonds. This will surely give a feminine pleasant-looking photograph.

Same with the Gift Box idea, this may also suggest a similar problem. I don’t have a tutu outfit, a mom might say. You might be tempted to buy one to avoid the hassle of sewing. Easy mama, you can always make a no-sew tutu. There are plenty of tutorial videos you can watch to learn how to. One more thing, there are fabrics used for tutus, that are not comfortable for babies. So better be choosy and always ensure comfort.

Little Princess

“You are our little princess.” A description we usually use for our baby girl in the family. So it is time to make it a reality. Again, spending to buy that ready-made little princess outfit might be so tempting for moms. But always remember that we are for an economical photoshoot. So why not head on to your closet and start searching for that princess-like outfit you can design on your own.

And of course, don’t forget that most important prop, her little crown. It may be challenging to create one from scratch, but moms always invent and bring out their creativity.

Career Day Get-Up

 You might have your dream jobs for your baby girl. But you need to count years first before making it a reality. Then, why not portray it today, and let’s see if it happens soon. 

Think of those careers that best fit the character and personality of your girl. Can she be a chef, a teacher, a doctor, or a flight attendant? The choice is yours for now. You may be needing a sewing machine for this if you have a talent. Or you could just browse the internet and look for ways how to simply characterized the outfit that fits the career you have chosen.

Balloons and outdoors

Who says all photoshoots must be inside your home? Outdoor lightings are perfect for photoshoots. However, there is only a specific time of the day when you can get the best light for photoshoots. So why not try to bring your baby outside during that hours. You just don’t have the luxury of time due to the limited number of hours to have that best lighting.

A garden setup is a great location for this. Just be sure to use a cloth that keeps the baby safe especially when you lay her in a grassy field. Colorful balloons could be a perfect prop to accentuate your garden and create a festive look. Choosing this idea needs little effort because you need not have so many props. The outdoor scene and colorful balloons can guarantee a good snapshot.

Black and White

You can never go out of style with these hues. It’s classic and timeless. It is for everyone, even for your baby girl. The advantage of this is you have the freedom to dress up and style your baby however you want to. Props and style are not the focus of this setup. Whatever you decide to choose, what matters is the black and white effect.

So just take a snap and set it to a setting that’ll make your photo black and white. You can even select a photo from any of the DIY ideas you chose and then turn it into a black and white effect. 


These are just but a few creative ways you can pick for that long-awaited baby girl photoshoot. It is very doable even in the comforts of your home without having a strain on your pockets. To all practical parents out there, plan your set-up now and prepare your baby girl’s mood as it will be a fun-filled bonding moment for you and your family.

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