10 Ideas for Formal Family Portrait Photoshoot

When it comes to a family photoshoot, most people turn blank. They don't know how to capture quality pictures. Many of them just grab a camera and line up the family members for a picture.

Living in a family is something you just can’t express in words. The joy of living together and sharing your views with your loved ones are special privileges. People work hard for the basic needs of their family members. Also, they wish to enjoy quality time with their loved ones. As well as hosting a picnic, people like to snap memorable moments of their lives. A family portrait is a special mention here. It lets you get back to the past and remember those precious moments. However, you need formal elegant family portrait ideas to document your sweet memories. So, how do you do that? Let’s find out!

Best 10 ideas for formal family portrait photoshoot

When it comes to a family photoshoot, most people turn blank. They don’t know how to capture quality pictures. Many of them just grab a camera and line up the family members for a picture. Sadly, a majority of them finish up with a less pleasing photoshoot. Do you want to encounter any such undesirable scenes? Your most likely answer ought to be no. On the contrary, you’d like to capture family portraits in the best possible manner. So, why not follow specific rules when shooting such pictures? Here’s a simple checklist for formal elegant family portrait ideas.

1. Standing together

Preparation is essential for any successful photoshoot. If you don’t prepare properly, it’ll defy the purpose of picturing the portrait. Coming up with a unique idea is the name of the game. A photoshoot of a family standing together is an innovative idea. It can make the final picture extremely pleasing. The beauty of such a photo is it covers the complete picture of each family member.

While this portrait isn’t creative, it’s simply classy. The picture just works. All you should do is position everybody close together. Make sure that each person turns slightly inwards. Allow the kids to stand on the ground or hold them in your arms. By doing so, you could always deliver a great posed image.

2. Have interesting backgrounds

Backgrounds can do wonders for any photoshoot. The situation is even more convincing in the case of a family portrait. Appealing backgrounds add a touch of elegance and creativity to the final picture. The best thing is you can brainstorm various ideas for such a photoshoot. You may either go for a simple background or a popular one. The choice is up to you. It also depends on the region where you live.

For example, if you live in an area close to natural surroundings, have a natural background for your portrait. Landmark backgrounds, on the other hand, will make an obvious choice for those living in the city. Make sure that the focus of the photo is your family. Also, see to it that background elements align with the aim of your portrait.

3. Group hug!

The main goal of any family photoshoot is the celebration of togetherness. Also, such a portrait demonstrates immense love towards one another. So, why not add an element of compassion to the picture? Just standing close to one another is a good option. It definitely conveys the feeling of affection. There’s no doubt about it.

However, you may want to make it more compassionate. So, consider a group hug portrait. Such a picture will highlight the love of family members for each other. If you recollect those moments in your spare time, you’ll feel happy about snapping such a portrait. Just ensure that all members are in a good mood for a group hug.

4. Go for a walk

There are various formal elegant family portrait ideas for a photoshoot event. However, not all options suit the liking of all. For instance, some individuals prefer a group hug. Then others like a simple photo of all members standing together. Essentially, each situation turns out to be unique to the said person. A particular portrait that’s more preferred by one individual may not be desired that much by others.

You may want to try something new, something exclusive for your family. If so, consider a picture of all members walking together. Tell everybody to stand back and get in a line. Now, walk slowly! This type of photoshoot is classic for a few reasons. Firstly, most families love this type of picture. Also, it’s easy to snap the photoshoot using your Smartphone. Make sure you use a zoom lens to cover everybody in the picture. You may also use a camera with a continuous shooting speed. That will let you capture multiple shots to nail the right one.

5. Picture the generations

When it boils down to a family photoshoot, you’ve a myriad of options. You may try the one that suits you the best, from simple photos to complex ones. Snapping the generations is one such noteworthy idea. It’s best for those with a multi-generation family. The key lies in getting at least one photo including the eldest couple and the rest of the family.

Let the elder couple sit in the middle. Now, surround them with others, especially their children followed by grandchildren and relatives. Such a picture generates a sense of family bonding and closeness that’s preferred by anyone looking at the picture.

6. Use backlighting

Lighting plays an important role in any type of photoshoot. A family portrait isn’t an exception here. However, you must use lights optimally. Too much light can impact the quality of the resulting picture. It can even distort the overall shot. On the other hand, not using lighting effectively can lead to dark photos. The faces of family members may not look well. Both situations are highly undesirable.

Try to make a balance with lighting. As a general rule, have lighting from the back. Backlighting can dramatically alter the images. It’s one of the top 10 ideas for formal family portrait photoshoot. The sun can also add a beautiful rim light to the portrait. A photoshoot in the afternoon is worth mentioning. No matter your preferences, backlighting will take your photos to a new level.

7. Show playfulness

Family portraits are meant to demonstrate love and compassion for one another. People usually concentrate on this aspect when picturing such a photo. However, you can add playfulness to enjoy an exclusive portrait. This is even more correct if you’ve small children. Kids like to play, laugh, and run around. Embracing all these aspects during a photoshoot is worth it.

Let small children run here and there while other family members watch them happily. Make sure that each of the members bends a bit toward the kids. That will add a touch of elegance and ensure that everyone is involved in the playfulness.

8. Group the genders

People usually line up according to their ages in a family photoshoot. Then some folks prefer the order of generations. However, all such options are already used. As an intelligent person, you’d like to snap a family portrait in an exclusive way. Thats an option with grouping the genders.

For example, you can make two groups – one for ladies and the other for gents. Line up all females in one group and males in the other group for the photoshoot. Have spacing between the two groups. Also, make sure that both the groups look at one another and smile. This type of picture will highlight the compassion of the family elegantly.

9. Go for a run!

Many families prefer still photos. Here, the members either sit or stand looking at one another. However, such a photoshoot works for adults. Children don’t like these photos. They like to run here and there and play. So, how about catching children as well as adults in action? You don’t have to think out of the box to capture such moments.

Just go for a run! Ensure that everyone is involved in this simple activity. Now, snap the running moments from the right perspective. See to it that everyone is happy during the photoshoot. If captured well, running photos can be a focal point of attraction in the album.

10. Involve the pets

Do you’ve pets at home? If so, involve them in the picture. It may sound a bit strange, but you’ll applaud yourself for your efforts later. Here, you’ve two possibilities. You can stand in a line along with pets for the portrait.

The other option relates to a motion picture. Everyone including the pets is in action. Both types of photos work well. It’s best to capture one copy of each type of photo. That way, you can enjoy still photos as well as action pictures.

Bottom line

Remembering the unforgettable memories in your spare time is something any individual would like to cherish. This point holds true in the case of your loved ones. Family portraits come in handy for such situations. However, capturing the pictures of your parents, siblings, and children elegantly isn’t a piece of cake. You need to follow a dedicated guide to snap lively pictures. So, stick to the above advice centered on the best 10 ideas for formal family portrait photoshoot to accomplish your desires.

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