15 Monthly Baby Photoshoot Ideas

why not try something new to snap the photos of your lovely child uniquely?Here are unique ideas for the monthly baby photoshoot.

Babies are like angels. They fill your lives with joy and happiness. Parents forget about their hectic life as they interact with their infants. However, babies grow faster and turn into toddlers, kids, and teens. Once a small child gets older, those sweet memories of yesteryears become history. However, they get imprinted in our lives forever. Most parents love to refresh those lovely years on special occasions. If you’re one such parent, consider monthly baby photoshoot ideas. A little bit of imagination and legwork will let you accomplish your desires.

Top monthly baby photoshoot ideas

The digital world has brought people close to one another. What happens in one part of the world easily gets shared with other parts of the world. Social media play an important role here. You might have seen baby photoshoot trends on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Many parents share the lovely 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 6 months photoshoot tenures of their infants online. After checking those beautiful pictures, you may get motivated to photoshoot your baby. So, why not try something new to snap the photos of your lovely child uniquely. Here are unique ideas for the monthly baby photoshoot.

1. A chalkboard wall baby picture

A chalkboard wall idea is easy. This is even more correct if you’ve a chalkboard in your hallway or kitchen to make to-do lists. Get some chalkboard paint and pen down the month number on the wall in a manner you wish. Put the baby in a comfy, cute chair with a toy or a pillow to keep him/her occupied. A lovely pillow/toy will also add to the overall elegance of the photoshoot.

2. A ribbon and a rocking chair

Picking the same backdrop every time lets you highlight how much your child has changed and grown that month when compared to the previous month. A combination of a rocking chair and a ribbon comes in handy here. Find the space to photoshoot the child sitting on a rocking chair. Use number ribbons to mark 1 month or 2 months as the case may be. Don’t forget to keep each onesie to a plain light shirt to make the picture stand out.

3. Baby boy photoshoot ideas using fabric backgrounds

Moms who like sewing love this monthly baby photoshoot Idea. Pick a patterned or brightly colored fabric each month. Lay down your infant wearing a onesie or white shirt. Now frame the picture in such a way that their edges are still inside the pattern. Such an arrangement will make the shot most cheerful. Upload the picture to photoshop or another editing program to include the month’s number on your child’s belly. It’s simple and quick and involves only one additional step for you.

4. A jumbo calendar month

Most parents want to try something innovative instead of just marking the month number. If you think like these parents, use a Jumbo calendar. By doing so, you can easily track the actual months. You may use a large poster calendar or print as the backdrop. Dress your child in light colors for contrasting effects. The adjustment will let you know the month number without counting out.

5. Simple activities in white and black for a monthly baby photoshoot

Not everybody sets the stage for monthly baby photos. Most parents just wish to capture the images of their children as they grow. They aren’t bothered about the month’s number. However, once the child becomes a kid, they think that they made a mistake. If you don’t want to face such a situation, snap wonderful photos of all types of activities and settings you may think of. Let your child do whatever he loves on that day. It’s an easy idea and the best option to remember what did your child do on a particular day of a given month.

6. Plushie letters

Focus on your child’s facial expressions for a particular month (say 7th month or 8th month as the case may be). Have a plain background. Craft elegant letters and have a giggle with a child. Don’t forget to add the month’s number in the background. Alternatively, you may upload the photo to editing software and add the month there. No matter what you prefer, the result will be pleasing and surprising.

7. A patterned wall and balloons

Do you love stitching and decoration? If so, capitalize on your hobby. Use the patterned wall and add some balloons for the monthly baby photoshoot. Here, you don’t have to actually add the month number. In this idea, you add one balloon to the picture each month. That way, you can figure out your child’s monthly age and appearance.

8. Onesies on a clothesline

Onesies highlight your child’s beauty in the most dramatic manner. So, why not use them for the monthly photoshoot? Add onesies to your child’s clothesline. Just make sure to pin the month number on onesies along your baby’s clothesline. Put your baby in a suitable outfit every month to mark his/her growth. Make sure your infant smiles to make the most out of the photoshoot.

9. A chalkboard, a bench, and some milestones

Sitting on a bench and carrying out day-to-day tasks is something that words fail to document. Even household women love to continue their chores sitting on a bench. So, why not use this idea for a baby photoshoot when he gets 3 months or 6 months old? All you need is a bench, a chalkboard, and a few milestones. As well as highlighting your child’s growth spurts, this lovely idea will mark the month number. You can make the event better by writing down key milestones that your child reached in that particular month.

10. A picture frame and a plushie friend

Do you like to add print inserts to the monthly baby photoshoot? If yes, consider using an elegant picture frame and make inserts with the month on it. You may change it easily for the subsequent month. Make sure you choose a comfortable spot and a beautiful friend to snap a cute picture with. A little bit of creative thinking should come in handy here.

11. Floral numbers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Infants are no exception in this matter. Babies adore flowers as adults do. The beauty of flowers is they bring smiles to your baby’s face quickly. Have a lovely backdrop. Lay the baby down and sprinkle flowers here and there. Also, use floral numbers for the photoshoot. The overall result will look stunning. Your friends and others will applaud you for your innovation. Just work out your options and use your imagination to come up with something unique.

12. A pillow and a pin

Small babies have an innate liking for pillows. They’re as soft as a child. A small child pushes and plays with pillows as they elongate and return to their original positions. You can come up with a unique idea to photoshoot your baby using a pillow and a pin. Choose a comfortable spot and a comfy onesie. Include a cute pillow and get crafting on number pins. Be sure to pin each month next to the baby to pick a lovely shot.

13. A decorative frame and some pretty font

Some people are experts at designing graphics. Most of them love to play with fonts. If you come into this category, use your skills for the monthly baby photoshoot. A decorative frame with some elegant font can do wonders for your situation. If your handwriting is pretty, use it to print for your child’s photoshoot. Use a decorative frame and a soft blanket to make classic photos. Despite being simple, those pictures will highlight the moments when you snap a catchy photo.

14. A simple timeline and a birthday hat

How about putting a cute hat on the baby’s head? The idea is refreshing as well as pleasing. Make a simple timeline collage photoshoot. However, this idea works if you keep the backdrop and outfit color the same until your child reaches his/her first twelve months. Print the month number on the hat. When your baby crosses the 1-year mark, pop up a birthday hat on his/her head and enjoy the giggles.

15. Use banners for the photoshoot

Beautiful banners with the month’s number can make the photoshoot even more elegant. There’s no need to visit a store to pick banners. You may easily draw or sew yourself. All it takes is a little bit of creativity on your end. Choose an area with a clear wall. Now, hang the banner and choose fancy clothing for your infant each month. Finally, snap a lovely picture to be cherished forever.

Bottom line

The idea of a monthly baby photoshoot is a perk in itself. It shows your compassion and love for your child. At the same time, it brings you closer to your baby as you check those photos every once in a while. However, snapping monthly photoshoots can get daunting, especially if you lack information. So, why not check a handy guide and ease your worries? Go through each idea carefully and find out what works for you. Within minutes, you could find a couple of ideas for your baby’s monthly photo shoot.

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