19 Monthly Creative Baby Girl Photoshoot Ideas at Home

In this article, I'll go over monthly baby girl photoshoot ideas at home! They'll help you capture the essence of your child while also making sure that both parents and kids have fun at the same time.

If you’re looking for a unique way to capture your new little one’s growth, why not try a monthly photoshoot? Each month, you can take the same picture of your baby dressed differently and using different props. You can have the same background every time or use different ones depending on your theme. This will record how much she grows over a year and how much she changes in that time. But what if you’re looking for something more than just a photo? In this article, I’ll go over monthly baby girl photoshoot ideas at home! They’ll help you capture the essence of your child while also making sure that both parents and kids have fun at the same time.

1. The “Foodie” Theme

This is one of my favorites because it’s so versatile and can be used every month with different types of fruits. You can use props like fruits and veggies or try out different recipes yourself! You can also use other food items like water bottles, forks, and spoons. If you’d rather not have food around your baby girl’s face (because who wants a messy photo), just have fun! For example, try using different colors and textures – maybe green apples and yellow bananas? Or red cherries and blueberries? Just get creative!

2. Baby in a Box

This shoot is all about the simple, clean lines. The idea is to create a box out of white or neutral colored paper, then use that as a backdrop for your images. You can even get creative with color and pattern but stick to a simple shape, like a square or rectangle. This idea is great since you can change the patterns every month.

3. The Little Mermaid

If your little girl loves Ariel, this is the shoot for you! Get inspired by the colors of the ocean and seashells, and take some photos where she’s wearing all white to mimic the sea foam and sand on the shoreline. Don’t forget about shells-they’re an important part of this shoot! Make sure to include some colorful ones in her hair or around her neck. Finally, if possible, find some large pieces of driftwood from your local beach (or just buy them online) and arrange them into an image-worthy scene on the floor of your living room or kitchen.

4. Baby in a Pumpkin

This is a cute idea for fall months! The idea is to dress your baby up in her Halloween costumes and have her sit inside of a pumpkin (or on top of it). You can use actual pumpkins or get some fake ones that look like pumpkins. Either way, this is sure to be an adorable picture!

5. Baby with Flowers

This is a perfect idea if you’ve got some flowers in your backyard or on your patio! You’ll want to dress your little one up in something colorful so that she stands out next to all those beautiful flowers! You can even add accessories like hats and bows if you’d like! Use different types of flowers every month.

6. Baby in a Basket

This is a classic baby photoshoot idea that can be done with various props. For example, you could use a basket to create the effect of your baby being asleep in her crib. You could also use pillows and blankets to make the basket look more like a bed. To make the photos different every month different things in the basket.

7. Baby Playing With Toys

This is a classic and easy-to-execute idea for a photoshoot at home-just put several toys in front of your baby and let her play with them! You can also get creative every month by having your camera on timer mode to take photos when your baby isn’t looking directly at the camera lens (this will give the impression that she’s looking somewhere else).

8. The Tipi

If you have an open space in your backyard, set up a tipi and let your baby girl explore it! She’ll love crawling around in it and playing peek-a-boo with you through the fabric. Make sure to take lots of pictures! This will be something she loves looking at when she’s older too.

9. The Beach

The beach is a great place to take photos because there are so many different options for backgrounds that you can use to make each picture unique. Try bringing along some sand toys and other beach accessories to get some great pictures that show off your child’s personality. You can also get some great shots of them running around in their bathing suit or playing with other children at the beach, if there are any nearby. This type of setting works well with babies who aren’t yet crawling since they won’t be able to move too far away from you while still staying safe if something unexpected happens (like getting knocked over by another child). Use different beach backgrounds when shooting every month.

10. In the Bathtub

This classic baby girl photoshoot idea is easy to do at home. You need a small bathtub, some toys and props, and a camera with a tripod. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of towels on hand-you don’t want your baby getting cold! Also, make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold-the temperature should be somewhere between warm and cool. If your baby tends to get cold easily, try adding warm water to the bathtub before adding the cold water. Once you’ve got everything set up, start snapping away! Your main goal here is to capture natural expressions and moments that happen naturally as your baby plays around in the tub. For a difference in your photos, use different toys and props every month.

11. Dress Up in Costume

A simple way to make your photos unique is by choosing a theme and dressing your baby up in costume for each photoshoot. You can dress them up as an animal in one month, a character from their favorite movie or book (like Winnie the Pooh) another month, or even just put on some cute clothes! This is also an excellent opportunity to get creative with props like hats, headbands, and bows.

12. Cute Outfits

Your baby girl will start getting into more colorful clothes in month two, so take advantage of this by taking some cute photos with her favorite outfits on! You can also try dressing up as a matching pair by wearing matching outfits yourself (since babies love mimicking what their parents do). If anything else catches your eye in terms of clothing options for both yourself and your little one, then go ahead and try out those looks as well!

13. The Princess of the Castle

This is perfect for any little princess who loves to play dress-up and act like she’s the queen of the castle. Bring out all her favorite princess costumes, crowns, and accessories, and let her be the star of her photoshoot. If you don’t have any props or costumes, you can easily make them yourself by using cheap materials from your local craft store. To have different photos every month use different costumes.

14. The Jungle Queen

This idea is perfect for any little girl who loves animals and exploring nature. Every month grab different props from your closet or local thrift shop that look like they’re from a jungle (like leaves or animal prints), and then create an indoor jungle in your home! You could also bring some stuffed animals and props outside to create an outdoor jungle feel (just be sure to use sunscreen).

15. The Little Photographer

This idea is good for any little girl who loves taking photos with their phone or tablet! Whether it’s playing dress-up, playing with dolls, or just running around outside-capture those moments on camera by having her take photos every month while she’s doing those things!

16. The Momma-and-Me

This is a great way to celebrate your baby girl and her relationship with you. Set up a photoshoot where both of you are wearing similar clothing and doing the same thing. It can be as simple as having an outfit that matches or just having one item in common, like a hat.

17. The Twinsies

Another fun idea is to dress your baby in all black and have her wear a white bow tie while you do the same thing but in all white. This will create cute twinning photos that look great on social media!

18. In Bloom

This photoshoot is all about capturing the beauty of spring and summer-and your baby girl! You’ll need a white sheet or blanket; flowers; and some kind of prop that can be used as a backdrop. Your little one will love running around outside while you get some photos of her with flowers in her hair and on her clothes. With different flowers props you can have beautiful photos every month.

19. Sea Glass

You’ll need sea glass, shells, and any other beach-themed decorations you have lying around (or even if you don’t!). Dress up your little one in a white dress in one month and a bathing suit the other month and let her play in the sand while you snap pictures of her playing near the water’s edge at sunset.

Final Word

Having a baby girl is an exciting time for any family. You’ll want to document all the little moments in her life, from her first steps to her first birthday party. But if you’re not sure how to capture those moments uniquely, you can repeatedly get stuck with the same old photos.

I’ve put together these monthly creative baby girl photoshoot ideas at home. They’ll help keep your photos fresh and new, so you can show off your baby girl’s growth without having to rely on the same old poses every month.

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