5 Adorable Newborn Photoshoot Ideas & Inspiration At Home

Whether you're a professional photographer or a new parent wanting to take some special pictures of your little bundle of joy, these newborn baby photography ideas will help get you started.

Imagine holding your new baby close, Inhaling that sweet newborn smell, and gazing into those bright little eyes and tiny toes. You feel nothing but happiness and love. Now imagine being able to freeze this moment in time, so you can remember and cherish it forever. With baby photography, you can do just that! Baby photography is all about capturing those precious moments of joy, love, and innocence.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a new parent wanting to take some special pictures of your little bundle of joy, these newborn baby photography ideas will help get you started. With a few simple props and some creative thinking, you can easily achieve this goal with a newborn photo shoot. Here are the best 5 portrait ideas for baby photoshooting that will make you go “aww.”

portrait of cute baby with big blue eyes

1. The Classic Newborn Pose

One of the most classic newborn baby photography poses is, of course, a baby on his back looking up at the camera with his arms and legs spread wide open. This simple pose lets you capture all the details of your baby’s face while still providing a full-length view.

There’s a reason this is such a popular pose for newborn baby photos! It captures the baby’s innocence and wonders while still showing off their adorably chubby features.

To get started, simply place your baby on a blanket or bedding in a well-lit room. Then, adjust the camera so you’re looking down at your baby from above. If you’re using a DSLR camera, be sure to use a fast shutter speed to avoid any blurriness.

Get creative with angles and framing to capture your baby in the best light. You can even try using a reflector to bounce some light back onto your baby’s face for a softer look.

baby boy crawl

2. Baby in a Basket

For a unique take on the classic newborn baby pose, try placing your baby in a basket instead of on a blanket. This can add some extra interest to the photo and give it a more whimsical feel.

If you don’t have a baby-sized basket, you can try using a regular-sized one and simply place a blanket inside to make it cozier for the baby. Just be sure to test it out ahead of time to make sure the baby will fit comfortably and that the basket is sturdy enough to support them.

Once you have your baby all snuggled in, try playing around with different angles and heights to get a variety of shots. You can even try placing the basket near a window for some beautiful natural light.

newborn in a basket with blankets

3. Prop Up Your Baby

If you’re looking for some creative newborn baby photography ideas, props are always a great way to go. And there’s no need to go overboard – sometimes the simplest props can be the most effective.

For this pose, all you need is a simple white onesie and a soft baby blanket. Start by spreading out the baby blanket and folding it in half. Then, place the baby on his back in the center of the blanket and fold one side over the baby’s stomach.

Next, take the baby’s onesie and place it over the baby’s head. Once the onesie is in place, grab the blanket from underneath the baby and bring it up over their chest and shoulders. This will help prop the baby up and give them something to grip onto.

Finally, adjust the baby onesie so it’s not too tight, and make sure the baby’s chin is resting on the folded blanket. This will help them stay in place and avoid any uncomfortable neck strains.

4. The Superhero Pose

Dressing a baby up in a cute onesie is always a winning proposition, but why not take it one step further with a fun and unique newborn baby photography idea?

For this pose, you’ll need a baby onesie or shirt with a Superman or Batman logo (or any other superhero of your choice). You’ll also need a baby blanket and a small pillow.

To get started, simply dress the baby in the superhero shirt and lay them down on their back on top of the baby blanket. Then, take the small pillow and place it under the baby’s head for extra support.

If the baby has their arms down by their sides, you can try gently placing one arm behind their head for a more relaxed look. Or, if the baby is feeling fussy, you can try holding them in your arms and placing their head on the pillow for support.

Create a “parent and child” portrait by holding your baby close and looking into the camera together. Or, take a candid shot of a baby looking around and exploring their new surroundings.

5. The Family Shot

Including the whole family in your baby’s photoshoot is a great way to capture this special time in your life. And there are endless ways to do it – it all depends on what you’re looking for.

For a classic family portrait, try posing the baby in the middle with mom and dad on either side. You can have everyone looking at the camera or try a more candid shot with the baby looking around.

If you want to focus more on the baby, try placing them in the center with mom and dad standing behind them. You can even have everyone holding hands around the baby for a sweet and intimate shot.

Or, for a truly unique family photo, try using the baby’s bassinet or crib as your prop. Place baby in the center and have mom and dad standing on either side, leaning in close. This will create a beautiful frame around the baby and make for a one-of-a-kind photo.


No matter what pose you choose, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy this special time with your new baby. These are just a few baby portrait ideas to get you started – the possibilities are endless, so get creative and see what you can come up with!

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