8 DIY Baby Photoshoot Themes

Here are my8 best DIY photoshoot ideas that you can try in the comfort of your home. You can explore these ideas and add or change some elements to tailor-fit what you want to achieve.

Our most treasured memories are best kept through photographs. They say, “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”. We all agree with this line because we don’t have a time machine to turn back time. We only have memories to look back, especially those treasured yet fleeting ones. I’m sure all parents out there, we’d all agree that the times we spent with our babies are the ones we most treasure. But since time flies so fast, and so do babies grow up so fast too. We crave for those moments not to end but we cannot freeze time.

Thus, we want to capture every moment with them. Having a photoshoot of them often is a great solution for this need. But the thought of having a photo shoot, especially for budgeting moms might be a scare. It might be the least of their priority but would consider it essential too. Hey moms, no need to worry. With the technology that’s rapidly evolving, we can do our photoshoots. Thanks to the modern cellphones invented nowadays which can work wonders on our photos just like how professional photographers take their capture.

Do you have a smartphone? Do you have some ordinary things you can utilize as props for the backdrop? And lastly, do you have the creativity to turn your space at home just like a photography shop? No need to spend your hard-earned penny to achieve this, all you need is patience and creative ideas to achieve a professional-looking photograph of your bundle of joy.

You don’t neet to worry about ideas for your baby’s photoshoot. There are a lot of suggestions you can browse on the web. You can even tailor-fit your ideas to the personality of your baby or the theme of your choice. After all, no one knows your baby more deeply than you as the mom. It will be more authentic if it is personalized. In this article, we have collected the 8 best DIY photoshoot ideas that you can try in the comfort of your home. You can explore these ideas and add or change some elements to tailor-fit what you want to achieve.

8 DIY Baby Photoshoot Ideas:

1. Cake eating

We all know babies love sweets. They are playful too. Why not combine something they like to eat and at the same time they can play with. It’s the most important food for every birthday, the cake. Let out their playful personality as they explore the cake, squeezing and licking it staining their fluffy faces and outfit. Let them get dirty and don’t worry about the mess they’ll create. The messier it will become, the more happy and authentic your shots will be. Try to capture their sparkling smiles and giggles too as they enjoy rumbling with the cake. You can keep the background plain and simple while you dress up your baby with colorful ones as it matches with a rainbow-colored cake with many icing to play on.

2. It’s a career day

We always want the best for our babies. Sure thing, we have imagined how our babies would turn out to be as they grow and have their careers. Meanwhile, we want to take it slow because we don’t want them to grow up so fast. So why not, dress them up like how you want them to be. You can dress them up like a little doctor, your cute pilot, or a witty teacher. This will also depend on the availability of your DIY costume and props for your background. You may need to bring out your sewing kits and styling capabilities to have that career day theme photoshoot. Match your background to the chosen career. For example, you can have a little green board and a wand for your cute baby portraying to be that witty teacher in the class.

3. The Jungle place

 Animals have this aura that captures the heart of the babies. Their cuddly and lovable looks make the babies giggle out of excitement. So portraying them as an animal will be a good idea to retain their attention. It will be easier for you to take a picture of them if you can get them focused and behaved. You may need to make some artificial trees or collect some leaves outside to have an authentic look at a jungle place. Then dress up your babies with that animal-inspired costume, be it gigantic animals like a giraffe and an elephant or the little ones like a cow or sheep. Be playful with colors and with your background as this will add a vibrant look to your captured shots.

4. Under the sea

Create your ocean, clouds, and sun with a cute little umbrella for your miss little mermaid or mister shelly turtle. This might be quite a workload, but it’s fun to make and will give you a unique photograph. Be creative as you master your own under the water scenery. You can make use of the toys of your babies which will complete the under the sea theme of your photoshoot session. There are ready-made outfits for these underwater sea creatures but might be a little pricey, so why not hone your sewing skills and make one for your babies. You may want to utilize the shells and sand you once collected while you had your beach outing. These props will make you set up to be a more real ocean setup.

5. Be sporty

Sports can be another career we have been dreaming of for our babies as they grow up. We may have plans of honing such skills soon after they can walk and talk. So why not dress them up like the next basketball star or the next volleyball player of the year. No need to be elaborate on the background that you will be needing. A plain background will do with some festive banners and a striking line written in it to cheer up will do. What matters is to achieve that sporty look for your baby and the ball they need to hit on like a pro. They will have fun playing with the ball so be always camera ready as they start to grin with excitement.

6. Heavenly sent

Bring out those white sheets inside the cabinet and lay them down as you portray the purity of heaven. Dress up your babies like an angel sent from above with those white dresses on and that little wings. Or wrap them up in a box with a cute ribbon in it as if like a true gift that’s heaven-sent. You can cut out some plain white crepe paper and form it like the clouds above and lay your baby on that faux fur fabric. Don’t forget to create Mr. sun if you want it daytime or put the moon and some stars if you prefer nighttime.

7. The Student academy

They may not be sent to school yet but you can have them dress up like school boys and school girls. It’s an exciting scene to imagine, to send them to school soon as they reach the right age. But this time, let’s try putting on their school uniform and backpacks as they trod excitedly to school. You may have some old uniforms there and adjust them to fit your baby’s body. Put some colorful books they can play with as you capture their reaction upon flipping each page. You can draw a school bus and a small playground and make it your background to transform the scene into a real school.

8. Music Enthusiast

 Hey DJ, play that music on! A headset, a radio, and CDs that are scattered are all that you need to hit that music enthusiast look. Spotify may be the trend nowadays but let’s bring back the time where CDs are all we need to play our favorite tunes and Mister DJ to play those musical recordings keeping our feet stomping. You can accessorize the background with some of your babies’ favorite toys to still keep their playful side. The headset worn on their heads might make them uncomfortable for a while but try capturing their emotions as they wonder what’s on their head. 

These are just a few of the most unique setups that you can do yourself for a photo session with your babies. Try reinventing and exploring what else you can add to make the background more realistic. Be creative as well on the costumes of your babies as they will be the focal point of your camera lenses. Just take note that the retention period of your babies is not that long so be sure to capture them as fast as you can while you still can hold back their temper. More important is to capture their best authentic smiles as they show you how much they enjoy having that memorable photoshoot that you made yourself. No one could ever be prouder of your precious works but you. Your efforts will be rewarded as you finally get your best shot printed and display it in your homes or compile it in an album.

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