8 Ideas for Outdoor Photoshoot of a 1-Year-Old Baby Girl

Let us know to get creative and sink into the outdoor Photoshoot ideas for your one-year-old daughter, and I assure you it will be a great learning experience.

I always want to have that one special photo of my child. But I always end up with many, and from the many that I have today, I love this, and tomorrow I will love another one most. I have learned I can never get off from always taking photos of my children; they are amazing characters in my life. I know this is a story that every mother will tell and a feeling she will understand. Nothing can be compared to raising my children, and I know that they are just toddlers today, and tomorrow they will be grown up, so I take advantage of the time by capturing these beautiful moments with them. It is the most amazing reminder of their development stages when they grow up.

My daughter turned one year old; I have always taken pictures of her since she was a week older. Those pictures are a great reminder of where we have come from. And now that she is a year old, things are just getting amazing, she has gotten used to pictures, and just like her mom, she too is a fan of photographs. She has even come up with some of the outdoor Photoshoot ideas and poses that I will share with you in this article. Let us know to get creative and sink into the outdoor Photoshoot ideas for your one-year-old daughter, and I assure you it will be a great learning experience.

Photoshoot idea 1: At the farm

I have tried this Photoshoot idea a couple of times, and it has never disappointed me. I visited our family friend who has a large farm of flowers for the first time. My daughter was dressed in a pink dress for that day, and the flowers were red. The two colors complement each other very well that I saw an opportunity to grab a peculiar photo. I chose a nice position among the flowers and made her stand in between them. I got more creative when taking the photo, and I framed her between the petals close to me. The photo was one of the most amazing photos I have ever shot. It hangs on the wall of our dining room.

The second idea on the farm is that of a lovely white goat. Imagine your one-year-old daughter, dressed in a white dress, and there she is holding this calm and lovely white goat close, and they closely look at each other eye to eye. This was not even a planned photo to me. My daughter loved this white goat very dearly, she was holding the goat close to her while giving it a chat, and the goat seemed to love the chat, and they had the moment when they were looking close, eye to eye, and there was a golden chance to take a photo. It came out great. Even after sharing it with my friends, they appreciated it.

Photoshoot idea 2: A bubbling baby girl

Where is that one-year-old who does not love bubbles? Mine does. She loves playing around them and watching them glittering and flying in the air. This has worked for me, so why don’t you try it out? I always get my camera ready before blowing as many bubbles as possible in the air. She intently watches the bubbles as they fly in the air, and that is when I have the perfect opportunity to shoot a photo. The curiosity on her face is what makes the photo stand out. It is just amazing. I add more bubbles to the air and wait to see her next reaction, and most of the time, she stands up and tries to catch the bubbles as they are flying around. And who hates to see her daughter play? It is another perfect opportunity that everyone would love to capture on a camera. The bubbles in the photo also lit up the moment by glittering in the air due to their reflection in the light.

Photoshoot idea 3: a photo on the park bench

When we are just bored at home, my family goes to the park or a botanical garden to have a good time. I take this opportunity to try out different shots on my girl. Placing my girl on a bench and having those cute photos seems easy to do; yeah, it is easy but very effective. I then proceed to take different photo shots from different angles. I try to include the surroundings as a background in the shots by focussing on the girl and blurring the background. And we have a beautiful experience.

Photoshoot idea 4: The First birthday

 This is one of the most vital moments in the lifetime of a one-year-old girl. I ought to capture all our moments with my girl now that her birthday is approaching. I have been trying some creative ideas on how I will create a scene and capture her at the moment. Here is the idea: I will create these golden-colored letters of O-N-E, hang them in front of the table where she will be sited, and decorate the front of the table with some colorful balloons, white and pink. Have her friends and neighbor’s children around her high chair and capture that moment as she is eating her cake.

Photoshoot idea 5: A toy party works for girls

I love it when putting my creativity to the test with such Photoshoot ideas. At this age, toddlers are very selective with the toys they want to play with. My girl loves stuffed animals and dolls around her. I hope yours too does. When I am doing this kind of Photoshoot, first, I select the most suitable location for the photo. I love an area with soft green grass in our compound. I then make sure that some natural features like trees and flowers in the background add details to the image. I then invited her friends over to our home, and we had a small party as they played with dolls around the scene I had created. At this time, she will be deeply engrossed in playing, and unaware photos are just so amazing; no faking. I am patient after the small party, and I don’t leave the scene. At this time, I am sure that she is very tired after being so active around her friends. It hardly ever takes more than 30 seconds before she is deep asleep at the party scene. What a chance for a peculiar photo, an after-party photo, just amazing.

Photoshoot idea 6: A winter wonderland

I love winter photos, and the snow surrounding gives a photo a great feeling. Think of the depth created by the climatic density as the moisture and the dense air reflect light and the different tones created in the photo. I have tried this on myself, and the photo was amazing. This makes me sure that it will also work perfectly for my daughter. I am going to try it; I can assure you of that. I will dress her in a dense red dress and put on her a white fluffy cotton sweater, a red hat, and red pair of gloves with a white fluffy cotton strip at the wrist. I will then get her to play with the snow and have my shots. I am sure this will be amazing; why don’t we try it out.

Photoshoot idea 7: the bossy cowgirl

This was the craziest idea I have ever tried out with my daughter. It was just wow. I can’t even forget that photo. It is always on the wall of my room. I dressed her in a white wedding-like dress and put brown leather cow girl’s boots on her feet. We went and took a foal from my father’s stable and went out with it. I decorated the foul by putting a necklace of flowers around its neck. I looked for a nice location where we could capture the lights of the neighbor’s home as a background, for it was a night. I lit the scene and placed my daughter on the foal’s back with many dollar notes in her hand. I asked her to throw them away, and I had my best photo ever of her. However, it would be best if you also tried this to make sure that the foal is calm and friendly for your daughter’s security.

Photoshoot idea 8: Take a photo of her doing her hobby

It will be a great reminder to her when she grows up. My daughter loves to swing, capturing her happiness, and whenever she is doing it, she is very cheerful. I love capturing her joyful moments, for I know they will mean a lot to her when she grows up. I sometimes do some small decorations to her swing in our yard with flowers and capture her in action with that smiley face.

Our girl’s rapid growth at one year old is worth capturing every moment of her life. A moment wasted can never be recovered, so utilize it.

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