Christmas season is quickly arriving and it has the potential to be almost as magical as your unborn child. And because of that, it’s the ideal time for a maternity photo session! Let your baby felt the warmth of your love in this winter season by enjoying the moments of a pregnancy christmas photoshoot.

As a mom, I know you’ll get excited and appreciate this list of 9 Do-It-Your Maternity Christmas Photoshoot Ideas.


1.Sitting under a christmas tree

This adorable pregnant photo of a Christmas tree is a must-try for all expectant mothers. Make sure the space has some natural light if you want to perform a similar task. The expectant mother shoud wear a color that contrast with the vibrant christmas tree because this adds beauty. Your partner can take the photos if you set up your camera to be on a stand.

Try looking away from the camera or down at your tummy as a pro tip. If your photographs have an excessive amount of background, crop them. You can also put the star or other gleaming ornaments in the tree while holding the tummy.

If you want to make it gestive yet simple, you and your partner can sneak in pajamas and put on a christmas and have him kiss your belly perfectly shot beside a christmas tree.

2. Shimmering christmas lights

This is such a simple idea, yet it’s so gorgeous. You should first set everything up before trying to accomplish something like this. Bring the christmas lights and select the bed linens you desire from the display. You can lay in the floor with the bedsheet underneath and surround yourself and your tummy with the christmas lights. Take a shot in the summit and you’ll gonna capture a nice photo.

3. Snow Riding Hood

It is snowy? Then it’s great to do a photoshoot outside. Just make sure that momma is wearing a warm dress and a cloak pretending to be a red riding hood carrying a basket full of apples and berries with a mistletoe. You may produce a similar effect to the well-known image of Red Riding Hood standing in a woodland with her hood covering her face. You can purchase a warm red cape for the photograph if you want to make it a holiday-themed one. Alternately, you may simply wear a white cape and pair it with a white see-through maternity garment.

4. Walk through garden with husband

Another idea for a winter maternity shoot is to stage it such that you and your partner are strolling through a snowy forest. As long as you can still show your baby tummy, this would work even if the pair in the photo above appears to be dressed for a dinner party. Have your photographer snap the picture while you’re facing your partner while looking back.

5. In front or near a MistleToe

You can still snap a picture that captures the season even if you don’t live somewhere that is cold and snowy in the winter. Find a nearby mistletoe while dressed in holiday colors. I really admire the position that this pair is striking; he is holding her tummy just to show that he cares for both her and their child. This is a great shot for every couple in christmas season.

6. Fetal Doppler Photoshoot in the Winter

Fetal dopplers, if you haven’t heard of them, are portable gadgets that let you hear your unborn child’s heartbeat at home! Simply apply gel to your lower tummy and glide the probe over it until you hear a heartbeat, much like an ultrasound.

These are beautiful all year round, but maternity photo shoots are where they really shine. As you press the probe against your tummy, have the photographer snap a picture while you’re lying on your bed or sofa. They can also enlarge the portion of the screen showing your baby’s fetal heart rate if you request it. Wear a red, green, or white maternity dress or pajamas and arrange your bed with warm blankets to make it a winter-themed occasion.

7. Craving for holiday foods.

Even better, you may create a personalized blackboard to chart your pregnancy week by week. The size of the baby, your cravings, and other symptoms should be noted on the board. It will be a great method to take pregnancy pictures and remember nothing while you commemorate your pregnancy! What a fantastic way to recall some of the funny pregnancy events and putting it on the wall near the dining table ready for a glamor maternity shot.

This is a fun photoshoot. You can wear a christmas color suit with a christmas hat while eating some roasted turkey or pizza in front of a food-filled dining table while giving a focus to your baby bump.

8. Images of Christmas in black and white

To give the image a memorable, romantic sense, add a small amount of black and white processing. You can take pictures inside your home or in your garden that are decorated for Christmas by donning a hat and scarf for the occasion. Let the baby feel your love by being close to your partner and touching the baby’s belly. You’ll see how enchanting and lovely a black and white Christmas maternity shoot is after seeing a few pictures.

Tip: If using a phone, make sure the photograph is in landscape mode and avoid using the zoom. When you zoom closer, you lose pixels, which blurs and lowers the clarity of the image. Take the photo instead, then crop it afterward to your satisfaction.

9. Sneaking into Christmas window

Select a seat location that showcases the Christmas lights outside the window for an indoor holiday maternity shoot. You may always rearrange your furniture to include a bench to give your home a more rustic appearance. You and your spouse can take a seat next to or in front of the window, using it as a backdrop as you kiss and place the heart-shaped object you just made with your hands inside your tummy before taking a shot.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be expensive just like doing my suggestions for a DIY photoshoot. These actions will allow you to save and use photoshoot funds for baby-related expenses! Congratulations and enjoy snapping photos of your Christmas pregnancy.

About The Author- Jessie Williams

My family means everything to me, and photographing is my greatest hobbie. In this blog, it all comes together. I’m happy to have you here and give you a glance to my world :)

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