About me

Hey there 🙂
my name is Jessie Williams.

I’m 43 years old, married to Harry and a proud mom of 3 boys- Noah (15) , Benjamin (12) and Jeremiah (10).

My family means everything to me 🥰. Since my boys were babies, I took photos of them wherever we went, cherishing great moments and treasuting them forever. 

Photography has been a huge hobby in my life, and you’ll find my kids occasionally tell me: “Mom would you stop taking pictures of me?😅”. And of course Harry sometimes strugles with the bill of the new lens I bought, joining my collection of the other 7 ones 🤐.

In this blog you’ll find my beloved family and my greatest hobby come together, where I share my best tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout the years 💖. 

Hope you’ll find the blog usefull, and please feel free to contact me for any reason. 


Jessie Williams