My 7 Best Ideas for Newborn Twins’ Photoshooting

In this blog post, I'll share my best 7 ideas for newborn twins' photoshoots and how to DIY them all by yourself.

Newborn twins’ photo shooting is a unique and wonderful experience – but it can also be a lot of work! In this blog post, I’ll share my best 7 ideas for newborn twins’ photoshoots and how to DIY them all by yourself. Whether you’re doing the shoot yourself or hiring a professional photographer, these tips will help make your photos amazing!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Two peas in a pod

This is probably the most popular idea for newborn twins’ photo shooting – and for good reason! It’s incredibly cute, and it captures the bond between twins perfectly. You can either have the babies sleeping side by side, or sitting up and looking at each other. Either way, this is sure to be a hit with your friends and family!

How to DIY: If you’re doing the photoshoot yourself, the best way to set up this shot is to put the babies on a bed or couch, with their heads propped up on pillows. If they’re sitting up, you may need to use some toys or stuffed animals to help them stay in place.


If you’re doing a newborn photoshoot, you’ll want to be sure to capture all of the important milestones. This includes things like their first bath, their first time being held, and their first time meeting their grandparents. These are all special moments that you’ll want to remember forever!

How to DIY: Capturing milestones is all about timing! Be sure to have your camera ready when the moment happens, and be prepared to take lots of pictures. You may also want to set up a tripod to make sure your photos are nice and steady.

Feeding time

Feeding time is another great opportunity to get some adorable photos of your twins! Whether they’re bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, you can capture some beautiful moments during this special time.

How to DIY: If you’re doing the shoot yourself, it’s best to set up a chair or sofa in a well-lit area. You’ll also want to have a blanket handy to drape over your shoulders, as this will help to keep the babies calm.

Family portraits

Newborn Twins’ photoshoots are also a great time to get some family portraits done. This is a perfect way to capture your new family dynamic, and it’s also a great way to get everyone in the same place!

How to DIY: If you’re doing the shoot yourself, it’s best to set up your camera on a tripod. This will allow you to get everyone in the frame, and it will also help to keep your photos nice and steady. You may also want to use a remote shutter release, as this will make it easier to take photos.

Bath time

Bath time is another great opportunity to get some adorable photos of your twins! This is a perfect time to capture their playful side, and you can also get some great shots of them cuddling together.

How to DIY: Fill up the bathtub with warm water and place your twins in it. You can use a small stool or chair to help prop them up. Use a soft towel to support their heads and necks. Take some photos of them splashing around and having fun!


Bedtime is a wonderful time to capture the bond between twins. You can get some beautiful photos of them snuggling together, and you can also capture the peacefulness of their sleep.

How to DIY: Place your twins in their crib or bassinet. You can use a soft blanket to cover them, or you can leave them uncovered. If you’re using a flash, be sure to bounce it off of the ceiling to avoid disturbing their sleep.

A themed photoshoot

Whether it’s matching outfits or props, a themed photoshoot can be so much fun for twins. Some of my favorite themes for twin shoots are:

Superheroes. You can DIY by making your own costumes or find some amazing onesies online.

– Cowboys/Cowgirls. You can use props like cowboy hats and bandanas to create a fun, Wild West-themed photoshoot.

– Pirates. Argh, mateys! Your twins will look adorable in pirate outfits, and you can even use a treasure chest as a prop.

– Angels. This is a beautiful, timeless theme that is perfect for twins. You can use wings and halos to create a stunning look.

How to DIY: When it comes to themed photoshoots, the sky is the limit! Get creative and have fun with it. You can DIY your own props and costumes, or you can find some great ones online. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, and have fun with it!


Newborn twins’ photoshoots are a wonderful way to capture the special bond between siblings. These photoshoots can be done DIY style, or you can hire a professional photographer. Be sure to capture all of the special moments, from feeding time to bedtime, and don’t forget to get some family portraits while you’re at it! With a little planning and preparation, you’re sure to get some amazing photos of your new twins. Thanks for reading!

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