Best 10 Plus Size Maternity Dresses for Photoshoot

let's now embark on the list and find the best plus size maternity dresses for photoshoot!

Pregnancy marks a very important time of your life as a mother. The period is full of anticipation, happiness and several body changes. Most of your favorite clothes will not fit anymore. When going for a photo shoot, you will need good attire that will bring out the best photos. Photos are to keep memories during your journey and further you can show them to the baby when they grow up. That said, let’s now embark on the list and find the best plus size maternity dresses for photoshoot. I have also included the tips at the tail end of this article.

1. Ladies Dressing Gown with long sheer

The dress comes with various colors and sizes. The dress is best maintained by machine wash due to the material it is made of. The dress has a sheer robe made from 35% cotton and the rest is polyester. The dress has soft fabrics and is very comfortable when wearing it. Apart from going for photo shoot with the dress, you can use for other occasions such as baby shower, bridesmaid, anniversary and birthday parties. The dress has long sleeves and high waist. It has a sweetheart neck that exposes your collarbones and shoulders. Ensure to buy your size to ensure that it fits best. You can put on a necklace to complete the look.

2.Off Shoulder Chiffon Gown with a front split Maxi Gown

The dress is elastic and can fit almost everybody. It has a long slit at the front a long gown at the back. The dress can be worn through almost all pregnancy stages since it can stretch. The dress can also be worn during dates along the beach, baby shower, and cocktails with girls and during a vacation on an island. The dress is made of solid color. It has an off-shoulder design that leaves your collarbones and shoulders out. I recommend the dress for maternity photo shoots along the beach or during sunset. If your breasts are bigger, get a bigger size so that it fits well. Also, the unit is affordable.

3. Glampunch off shoulder Ruffle Slim Dress

The dress is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. The dress can easily stretch which can take you through all the stages of pregnancy. The dress is off shoulder with ruffles. It is long and reaches the floor, which gives a sexy and classy look. It shows your shape perfectly.

Apart from maternity photo shoot, you can wear the dress to other occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. It can further serve as a dinner dress, which will give you a beautiful and charming look. The dress has a soft material that needs machine wash. The dress can be hand washed but with cold water and gently. Avoid using bleach that might ruin the dress.

4. Mermaid Casual Off Shoulder With lace

The mermaid casual dress is made of 100% polyester. Its fabrics are of high quality and the lace lets your body breath freely. The lace is long making it a maxi dress. The gold laces enhance your elegance anywhere you go and catches the attention of everybody. With your favorite heels and necklace, the photos will be amazing. The dress is best for evening photo shoots or around nature.

The dress can fit other occasions such as weddings, prom night, evening after party dress and wedding gown dress. Before buying the dress, ensure to check the size chart to order your right size. Wash the dress at lower temperatures and iron at low heat to prevent the laces from wearing and tearing.

5. ZIUMUDY Chiffon Mermaid Gown

The dress is made of elastic cotton at the top and chiffon at the bottom. The chiffon offers a good view when shooting photos. The dress may not fit the plus size mothers. The chiffon is a see through. I recommend an undergarment when wearing the dress. The top of the dress is simple and generous which shows your perfect collarbones and shoulders. The bottom is made to show your baby bump perfectly without binding your belly.

The dress is best for baby showers, maternity shoot, wearing when pregnant for several events like dinner dates and after parties. The dress should be washed gently with cold water. Avoid bleaching or dry lows. You can iron it before the shoot and avoid burning the chiffon.

6. ZIUMUDY V neck off shoulder dress.

The dress is made of Mercerized cotton 95% and 5% spandex. The fabrics are very soft and breathable and stretches to fit all kind of sizes. The soft cotton material is long and drops off the ground, the neck is v-shaped leaving your collarbones outside.

The dress has a slit on one leg, which make your shape look perfect. The dress can be used after the shoot for events like engagement, birthday parties and bridesmaid. The dress should be washed gently with and iron before the shoot. Check your size and compare to the one on the product to make sure it fits.

7. Woman off shoulder mermaid chiffon gown

The dress has elastic cotton top and chiffon bottom that reaches the floor. Its stretchy nature allows all expectant mothers to wear it. The dress is a sexy body con with chiffon at the end that takes your shape perfectly. The trail adds more spice to the photos especially on a windy day where it can be blown.

The dress can be worn for baby showers, bridal purposes, dinner dates and weddings. The photo shoot will serve best at the beach during sunrise or sunset. It can further look great in the forests around nature.

8. OJQ Off Shoulder Chiffon Maxi dress

The top of the dress is made of a soft material, which is cotton and gives an expectant mother a comfortable experience. The bottom is made of cotton covered with chiffon at the top. The chiffon material is a long trail that falls of the floor. When you choose a light color, it is advisable to wear an under garment.

The dress is off shoulder, has a sweetheart neck that exposes your neck, shoulders and collarbones. The dress is super long and has split at the middle. The split enhances the chiffon and the bodycon mermaid shape makes the mother look elegant. The dress is perfect for baby showers, photo shoots and other evening events. Wash the dress gently with cold water and avoid using bleach.

9. Chunpin Side slit Maxi Gown

The material of the dress is made of polyester 95% and 5% spandex. The dress has bishop sleeves and a square neck that runs almost to the belly. The upper look makes you look sexy. The bottom is split with a thigh high slit, which lets one of your legs out. The waist id ruched to ensure that there is a perfect view for your baby bump.

The dress is not only for maternity wear but can be used for other occasions such as baby showers, weddings and birthday parties. For a better outcome wear heals and a necklace. The dress stretches thus gives room for the baby to grow. When washing it use cold water to prevent it from wearing.

10. ChoiyuBella Maternity Gown

The material of the dress is high quality and heavy. It stretches which makes it fit perfectly to the shape of the expectant mother. The dress does not wrinkle even after washing it. The dress can be used for other occasions such as birthdays, bridal showers and cocktail night out with girls. Buy the dress according to your normal size when you are not pregnant.

When washing it use a laundry bag if using machine and use cold water for hand wash and handle it gently. The dress is highly rated for its gorgeous flattering look and is easy to wear.

Tips to consider when planning the maternity photoshoot

1.Have your partner in the picture

When you are planning parenthood together with your partner, ensure that they are in the photo shoot. The happiness and excitement from the two of you will light up the photo shoot process.

2.Choose the proper timing.

When you fail to choose the right timing, several issues such as lighting might ruin your session. The most recommended time is during sunset where the lighting is amazing.

3.Select the best location

Are you planning for an outdoor photo shoot? Ensure that the location is not very far away and has best views for the shoot. If you are a lover for nature, select a place with cool environment.

4.Incorporate flowers

Flowers make everything look beautiful. You can make crowns with flowers and where them around the hair.

5.Use the baby crib.

If your photo shoot will take place indoors, you can have some photos taken of you in the baby’s crib. The paintings and decorations will bring out the best photos.

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