Complete Pricing Guide for Maternity Photoshoot

You need to pay 350 dollars for a one-hour maternity photoshoot in the studio and more than 550 dollars for one hour in the outdoor setting.

You need to pay 350 dollars for a one-hour maternity photoshoot in the studio and more than 550 dollars for one hour in the outdoor setting. You can multiply these values by the number of hours of the session to get the cost value. To find out the exact value, you need to consider your location, budget, the professional’s experience, and the time to complete the photoshoot. I have compiled a complete pricing guide for maternity photoshoots to help you choose the best option within your budget.

Type of Maternity Photoshoot

There are two types of maternity photoshoots. You can ask the photographer about the in-person sale model. You can adjust your budget using this method because the photographer will take many of your photos. You can go to buy the photos you like from the list. Each of these can cost you around a hundred or more dollars. You will only find beginner photographers using this style of photography. Most use the shoot and burn model. Photographers will give you different packages based on the time of the photoshoot and many other factors. You can choose one of the packages and pay them based on that. They may charge from 500 to 5000 dollars with different options.

Hours Spend on Photoshoot

You can expect more than 350 dollars for one-hour maternity photography. It is not an absolute value as some photographers may charge thousands of dollars if they are famous in this field. An ordinary photography session can last between two to four hours. It can cost between 700 to 1050 dollars. Some photographers have packages that can last for more than 10 hours. If you want extensive photography experience, you may have to spend thousands of dollars.

Photographer’s Experience

It is one of the crucial factors that can determine the photography cost. If you want to hire a famous photographer who does photography for celebrities, you may have to pay a premium price. No one can estimate their rates as they can charge whatever they want. They may charge you thousands of dollars for a one-hour session also. Hiring a photographer with low experience will save you money as he may charge you less than the market price. You may get many good photos using the beginner photographer services but there are no guarantees.

Use of Specialized Equipment

Some photographers use the latest cameras and illuminating equipment in the photoshoots. They will capture the most detailed photos because of the advanced equipment. You may have to pay them more than the market price. If you hire a cameraman with a mobile camera, there are chances that you will pay less than the market price. The cost is high because the photographer has to transport the equipment. You may have to pay more if you ask them to take the equipment to a hard-to-reach location.

What is Included in the Package

Your maternity package may include make-up, rental gown, photo printing, and many other things. If you purchase a package with many accessories, it will cost you a lot. If you buy a package that does not have any of these things, the cost will be low. It is unsuitable to choose a package with many accessories if you are planning to hire a professional make-up artist and use your gown.

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