How To DIY A Baby Zombie Photoshoot

In this article, I will take various means of what you can do to make your baby zombie photo shoot a success. There are simple processes that make you able to do it yourself instead of looking for a professional photographer.

Are you a mother or a father who wants to make memories with his or her child? Memories can be built in different ways, including photography. Doing a photoshoot with your family helps is a way to spend time with them, more so your baby; you can bond with them during this side. If you are interested in this, have you ever wanted to make a beautiful, creepy photo of you and your baby?

In this article, I will take various means of what you can do to make your baby zombie photo shoot a success. There are simple processes that make you able to do it yourself instead of looking for a professional photographer. Also, I will show how you can prepare for the photoshoot and give you simple ideas that will not require you to strain that much. This blog is for everyone because you can learn something from it, a first-timer or even a professional photographer. You will need to do different things before, during, and after the shoot. This includes;


Since you want a photoshoot that will be memorable, that your baby when growing up will be looking at it over and over, this is important. It’s important to brainstorm because you will be looking for ideas of what kind of photos you want. If it’s a zombie picture, you will have to think about what you want your baby to look like. Also, you will have to consider the location of the theme. It may be inside your house, out in the yard, in a storage room where there are trees, or in an old abandoned house near you. You should choose a safer and more comfortable location for your baby. The most recommended place is your house because the environment is familiar to them.

You should also consider the characters you want to appear in the shoot in brainstorming. If the father is the photographer, the mother should appear with the baby. This will help the baby to feel in comfort and helps them not to be scared. Seeing a familiar face will prevent the baby from being distracted and make the photoshoot run smoothly.


You should search for inspiration in preparation, like in a horror movie, and you want your kid to appear that way in the pictures. This will guide you on what the pictures look like and the costumes and makeup you want your baby to wear. The inspiration may also come from what you saw on the internet, maybe what you heard your friends or colleagues talking about, or perhaps an idea in your mind. The costumes that you can use, it’s not a must for you to buy them, you can find the old clothes that were not in use and modify them the way you want them to appear in the picture.

Also, in this stage, you can formulate a work plan and storyboard. Of course, every picture tells a story. If it’s a series of photos, you have to develop what position you want the baby to be in or what you intend the baby to be doing. This will bring consistency and an organized story. Themes in pictures are always important. You should choose the theme of the photoshoot. Because the photo shoot is meant to be scary, the costumes should be black or white with a smear of paste on them, acting as the blood.


Here it is where most first-timers or even some professional photographer’s mess. You should consider the location’s lighting after you have already come up with the idea and now you want to carry out the execution. To have a clear photo, you should consider the light and avoid the use of flashlights when taking a picture of your baby may be in darkness. This may lead them to close their eyes because their eyes are sensitive to light. You should choose a place where there is light.

The angles you choose to shoot your photos using the cameras also matter. This angle brings out the beauty of the pictures. You could choose to shoot from the side, behind, front, or aerial view. If it’s a series of photos, you should consider all angles to bring aesthetic value to it. The direction you decide to tilt your camera depends on how much the zombie baby is leaning and how much background is visible around the zombie. This also brings out a few of your techniques in you. Also, other methods are by knowing where to place your camera. If you are using a tripod, when to zoom in and when to zoom out, the different settings in your camera or phone will bring out a beautiful picture.


after you have done the most challenging part, you now want the pictures of your baby zombie to look natural, like in the movies. This is where it’s essential. First, you will choose the images that came out well, and if they need any retouching or editing, you can do them yourself. If it’s a matter of color and you feel that it needs filters, it’s straightforward, just go to your phone or laptop and start editing. Your phone or laptop has all these features. Suppose some objects or characters were not supposed to appear in the photos. In that case, you can just crop the images and then eliminate them.

Before carrying out this photoshoot, it is crucial for you as a mother to consider your child’s age. This will impact the type of photo you will want to take. For instance, if your baby can walk, you can take pictures while they are lying down. The only thing you need to do is change the background to match the zombie baby. Now that you know the essentials of coming up with the pictures, why don’t we look at also the ideas that will make this successful? Some of the ideas are;

Monochromatic Blood

You can use this idea while doing a zombie baby photoshoot. Imagine your baby in a photo portrayed in a bucket full of blood holding a heart on their hand with blood remains all over the face. This is simple: just use some tomato source and apply it to parts of the baby’s face and hands, find a plastic heart, paint it red, color the water in the bucket red, and make sure it doesn’t affect your baby. After that, you can place your baby so that you can shoot quickly without being distracted.

Zombified Bioautography

You can use some makeup and apply them to your baby to make them appear like a zombie. You can use white powder and then apply it to your baby’s face. After that, you apply the eye shadow, for instance, and apply it on his eyebrows and some other parts of the face in a zombified manner. Do not use makeup because it may react with the baby’s skin.

Zombie Inspired Fashion

Picture your child looking like a mummy or how other zombies wear their torn clothes. This is easy; you can just find an old cloth and modify it the way you want it to look, and it should fit your baby well. You can also find a ribbon and round it loosely over your baby’s body.

Skeletal Tattooed Editorials

After taking a picture of your baby, you can decide to edit. When editing, you can apply the effects that make it look like skeleton tattoos on their body. This is safe because it doesn’t need any substance applied to the body.

Zombie Mum Feeding Zombie Baby

Imagine a portrait showing a zombie mum feeding her zombie baby with brains. This is easy; you can just make up yourself if you are the mother and the child. The brain could be anything edible to the child if they are old enough to chew. It can be edited to look like brains on a plate.


Ensure to follow the above processes and ideas, and I’m sure you will learn something from them. If the first time you do not see yourself making it because maybe the photos came out in the wrong way, I urge you to continue trying until you get there. It’s true to say that doing a photoshoot and coming out successful is hard. Still, we have to try, experiment, then fail and learn from all we have passed through because every experience will make you smatter and make you better at what you do. In short, practice makes perfect.

I hope you have learned something and gained ideas that you can apply when you want to do a baby zombie photoshoot. If you can do this kind of photoshoot and it’s a success, please feel free to share it with me. It would be an honor because I will know that through this blog have been able to inspire people out there and show my mark on people’s lives.

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