DIY Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Birthday Photoshoot for your Baby

you can have a professional-looking birthday photoshoot in the comforts of your home without straining your allotted budget for the celebration. All you need are the inexpensive everyday objects in your home and your camera phone

“Time flies so fast”, a line usually blurted out by parents who seem to witness their babies growing up so fast. Much as we want a time machine to freeze or turn back time, it’s beyond our power. All we have to do is seize every moment while they are still young and capture every special milestone they take.

While the first few months of our babies meant so much as they take one progress at a time, nothing is more special than them reaching their first year in this world. Besides, the day they were born has marked a new chapter of our life as parents and thus calls for a celebration. And the celebration will never be complete without a photoshoot to perfectly keep some memories that we could look back in time.

Moms usually take charge of the planning of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. A list of things to do may be of help to avoid missing out on the most important ones. But hey moms, don’t you ever forget to include in your list your baby’s photoshoot. This might sometimes be forgotten or crashed out in the list due to budget constraints. However, have you forgotten that everything nowadays can be done through a DIY?

Yes, you can have a professional-looking birthday photoshoot in the comforts of your home without straining your allotted budget for the celebration. All you need are the inexpensive everyday objects in your home and your camera phone. You can even try both indoor and outdoor shots to have varieties. And make sure each photo resembles anything about your baby’s progress and milestone to make it more memorable. Here are some of the ideas you can try for your baby’s birthday photo shoot.

Indoor Baby Birthday Photoshoot

Having an indoor photoshoot is safer and less hassle to prepare. You need not pack a lot because the props that you will be using will just be anything available around your home. And we know that babies have a sensitive immune system and thus exposure to outside factors will pose some risks and dangers. So nothing beats the comfortability and hassle-free environment your homes could offer. Here are a few ideas you can make for an indoor photoshoot.

With the favorite toys

Our baby’s toys play a significant role in the first few months of their growth. It is usually their stress reliever, stops them from crying, or makes them laugh during those boring times. So why not snap some memories of it with your baby. Bring them all together in the bed and capture all the smiles and giggles of your baby while they cuddle with those toys.

With colorful balloons

Balloons are cheap and easy to set up but can always make every photo awesome. The colors of course make the picture strikingly impressive plus the excitement of your baby’s facial expression as he/she looks at these eye-popping balloons. Make them sit on the bed or put them in a box and surround them with the balloons. You can even try to throw up a balloon in the air and make your baby stare at it as you try to capture how they react. Candid, isn’t it?

With the number 1

Of course, to emphasize that your baby turned 1, a number 1 symbol is a must. Bring out your creativity and create a DIY cardboard number 1 symbol to be a great prop with this capture. You can choose whatever color and theme you like to feature in the photos. Or try matching the feature of this photo to the theme of your birthday celebration and use it as the picture in your invites.

Black and white

You can never go wrong with black and white, simple yet classic. This is the easiest but never the least when it comes to results. You have the freedom to choose what background, outfit, and style you like. Just make sure you won’t prepare too many props because a black and white theme is enough to produce a stunning picture.

Go Floral

Flowers are always pleasing to the eyes. Imagine how pleasantly looking your photos will be with your baby surrounded by flowers. This might pose a problem if you don’t grow flowers in your backyard since flowers are expensive. But there are cheap plastic ones in the market or even displays at your home which you can utilize for the pictorial. Gather them all regardless of their color and varieties, lay your baby on a white sheet and they will never fail to amaze you.

Cake Smash

Birthdays can never be complete without cakes, it’s a must-have in every celebration. So why not splurge a little on your baby’s birthday cake and take some candid images of how your baby explores it. What makes this unique is you can allow your baby to be as messy as they want to be. So be ready with the outfit and spot you are willing to mess up. Let the icing frost stains their mouth, face, and hands while you try to snap spontaneously.

With the family

Don’t forget to have your family picture. What makes this special is that you are in your own home making your capture more intimate and authentic. It will be a special photo to look back on years from now. You can place it in a frame and display it on your wall making it your family portrait.

Outdoor Baby Birthday Photoshoot

As mentioned above, this can become a bit of a hassle, especially for moms preparing all the props needed. However, it will be worth all the effort. Plus, natural light from outdoor creates more striking portraits than using artificial lights. After all, you can perfectly make this photoshoot even around your backyard. Try shooting a few hours after sunrise or before sunset, as they say, has the most perfect lighting to produce quality photos. Here are a few ideas on how you can have an outdoor baby photoshoot.

With the bubbles

Bubbles usually make babies giggle or it may intrigue them. Capture those silly facial expressions while blowing off some bubbles towards your baby. You just need a mat, a colorful or plain one, lay it on the grass, and let your baby sit on it as they innocently look at the flying bubbles.

Picnic set up

Having a picnic is always fun. Setting up a picnic-style with your babies enjoying all their favorite foods will be a great way to capture smiles. It also brings out the creativity in you as you style it on your own. Grab that picnic basket and add up some props to create that image bursting with cuteness.

Fresh from Bath

Pictures are cuter getting your babies naked. Why not give them a baby bath while enjoying the outdoor scene and capture those water droplets as they sprinkle onto your baby’s skin. You may want to have some cute little basin filled with water and let your baby play and enjoy such a fresh bath. However, this should be done with caution as babies tend to feel cold easily. Be ready with the things they needed for them to feel warm when they need them. I suggest having this photoshoot your last session so your babies won’t stay long outside and might get sick.

With the siblings or friends

Kids playing and enjoying the outdoor is such a happy scene, especially for parents. Capture these moments by letting your baby play with their older siblings or friends. You may allow a little running on a safe field, making sure your baby is in good hands and being assisted. Or just allow them to sit on a mat doing silly things together and let them act naturally. Catching a glimpse of their authentic laughs while together surely fills your heart with happiness.

With a little toy truck

Try being adventurous and let them ride on a little truck. The outdoor scene matches well with a truck as a prop. It is like they are on a road trip adding a little adventure to your photoshoot. Letting them have a ride will capture their attention longer to help you easily catch those chuckles. Just keep on the watch and avoid doing this in a slopy area because the tires might roll endlessly and can get out of your control.

Be sporty

You may want your baby’s photoshoot to reflect your passion or your favorite sports. Dress up your baby and make them sporty. Choose your favorite sport and let them feel the hype and the energy of the players. You can grab those balls and let them show their playful side as they dribble, roll and pass the balls they’re grabbing.

There are still endless possible ways you can have the perfect photoshoot you have ever wanted for your baby, even without spending too much. These are just ideas you might want to try to help you prepare for that most awaited moment. Whatever ideas you make, make sure to have fun instead of feeling the hassle. A DIY photoshoot intends not only to save you from expenses but at the same time offers you a memorable way to bond together as a family. It is another add-on to your list of special memories to look back on as you grow older. So why not take some behind the scenes as well to have some snaps of those random and spontaneously quality time together.

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