DIY Photo Shoot of Rainbow Babies

It is essential to know that you can DIY pictures of your baby. DIY is important, especially when the baby is a rainbow baby.

Baby photoshoots of newborns involve capturing important moments of a baby through taking photos that will create memories for your child throughout their lifetime. Photoshoots, especially for rainbow newborn babies, are very important as they remind mothers of the past pain and struggles before their miracle happened. This baby came into life, and they are here with them. The DIY photoshoot will give you hope that this baby will survive. This article focuses on bringing the essence of why mothers, especially young ones and dads, should consider DIY photoshoots on their rainbow babies and how they should go about it.

It is essential to know that you can DIY pictures of your baby. DIY is important, especially when the baby is a rainbow baby. And while DIY, one requires to have a few affordable and available items and a camera phone, which becomes cheap. The DIY of rainbow babies also makes mothers proud as later in the future; they will say that they captured the pictures themselves. If you are a newbie in this DIY sector, then this article will give you essential information on how you can take professional-looking photos, which will be admired by those who will have a glimpse of the photos. The following are tips for DIY photoshoots on rainbow babies;

#1. Safety measures

Ensure that everything happens slow pace and that styles are in rested positions. If the baby should make movements, or maybe roll at some point, ensure that there should not be anything that seems to harm the baby or a fall. All items that are near you should be baby-safe. In addition, look around and make sure there is no Electric cable near the photoshoot place that could be dangerous. Clean your hands with a lot of water and soap to keep you from spreading viruses and germs; sanitize and clean all surfaces where the baby is posing. Remember, newborns do not yet have a fully developed immune system, and this calls for the need to ensure hygiene is at its highest level.

#2. Be Flexible

Make sure you are resilient to changes as you DIY your rainbow baby photoshoot. Sometimes things may go differently as you expected them to go. The baby may cry a lot, and you may try to figure out what is going on with them such that you may want to stop taking pictures. This is because you are so attached to your rainbow baby. The truth is that some moments may create the best poses that you can capture. Continue taking pictures even when the baby is in the pose you did not plan. Don’t always hook your mind on a particular case; it is always a good idea to be flexible in whatever you’re doing.

#3. Self-confidence.

It is important to be confident when taking pictures of a rainbow baby. You should not allow the previous fears of losing a baby to get into you. This may hinder you from taking beautiful and professional-looking photos. A slight movement of the baby may attract your attention, preventing you from enjoying the session with your baby. Self-confidence is also important as it will motivate you that you are doing a great job taking the photos yourself.

#4. Avoid Bright light

Safe lighting is required while taking a DIY photoshoot. It is important to depend on natural lighting if possible. This natural light blends well with the pictures’ mood. The beautiful filtered light offers you the best results as well. It is suitable to use strobes and speed lights, but you should ensure that they are external. You can ensure that there is moderate light by bouncing the light. Ensure that you remove the flashlight on camera setups because the eyes of a newborn baby are sensitive. Also, as you know, learning how to take crystal clear images doesn’t just take having a camera; it is all about waiting for that opportune moment.

#5. Ensure that the baby is Warm

 You will want to have the thermostat in the house; this will help realize the surrounding baby’s temperature. Your main aim is to keep your baby warm and free from getting cold. If the blanket is loose, ensure that the room is warm enough for the baby by using a safe heat source. But keeping your baby warm can also mean keeping the atmosphere excellent and relaxed. Let this photoshoot offer you a fun and better experience.

#6. Be creative

To get the best pictures on DIY, one should be creative and choose pose styles as long as they are not dangerous to the rainbow baby. Memories that arise from stress and hectic days in the newborn’s life are crucial. This is because there is not much flexibility. After all, it is a DIY photoshoot; timing is less critical; you can take your time and come up with something worth breathtaking in terms of poses.

#7. Involve the Family

You may have little or no experience in the DIY photoshoot of the rainbow baby; thus, you may need family members to help you with the DIY photoshoot in poses styles, holding the baby, and even new ideas. DIY photoshoot can help you with time and space to comfort or feed the baby compared to hiring a professional photographer who is a constraint with time and will not consider that. It is also another opportunity to get another type of snap. If you, your father, and your mother have not thought about being in the pictures, the family members can advise that you participate as well, and you can get help by them taking a picture of you three.

Snaps of you carrying the baby in poses add memories of love and a sense of humor to a picture, making the picture special. It is the family that makes it exceptional. If the rainbow baby has an older brother and sisters, you may also get some stunning pictures of the kids together. Although it may be tricky to ensure that the other siblings are concentrating, try to get their posed snaps out first before trying to do anything else. Always remember that small kids do not have a longer attention period. You should allow them to have a break if they are disturbing and appear at the end if you need interesting pictures. Anything you do, please ensure that they are not sitting there the entire time as you wait for their turn since there might be chaos and awkwardness in pictures that will result from the other kids.

 The only props you can afford and have are the very cute bean bag. This place complies with the little one’s body, holding them properly while posing adorably for the picture. They are safe and nice. You can use cloths or blankets to cover them, or a prop can be used during the session. The poses you come up with will be due to combined effort with the family members.

#8. Prepare yourself early in advance

As you consider a DIY photoshoot, you have to prepare yourself with multiple important things to avoid frustrations during the photoshoot session. You have to ensure that all items required for the photoshoot are present. There should be enough clothes to change during the session to avoid monotony in the picture captured. The places and background where the photoshoot should take place should be well known and prepared and ensure the conditions of the environment favors the baby, and you may not want your rainbow baby to be subjected to danger. The battery of the phone or your phone should be fully charged.

#9. Learn about DIY photography of the rainbow before conducting the actual activity.

You can watch and learn tutorials on YouTube on doing the DIY photoshoot. You will get helpful information on this new area if you are a newbie. You may also learn how to use your phone camera to take photos. You may also use the internet to learn how to edit and share with others your DIY images. This will be an excellent experience learning and doing it for yourself. You can also consider learning from family and friends you have experience with.

#10. Timing

It is important to consider time. It is advisable to choose day time. Daytime comes with its natural light, which is important during the DIY photoshoot session. The temperature may also be favorable during the daytime, which will reduce having another source of heat that would bring the desired warmth.


A baby photoshoot, especially the DIY photoshoot, may be more challenging for rainbow babies than many other photoshoots, but it offers you better results. You are assured of smart and adorable, and the memories will be there for generations to see and cherish. That is why I encourage DIY photoshoots for the rainbow babies. And the goodness of it all is the fact that it is easy to follow and do. You’ll not get it wrong if you do the right thing.

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