DIY Winter Maternity Photoshoot Guide

I heard you are planning on photographing your upcoming maternity session in the winter. Fortunately, the internet today is full of seasonal inspirations you can choose from. You will be able to show off your flushed and gorgeous cheeks in more natural light, thanks to the colder temperatures of the fall and winter months.

Lit evergreen trees, frost, and snow will give you a stunning backdrop to achieve that aesthetic and cute winter wonderland maternity shoot.

However, it is worth noting that there are some essential factors to remember as a preparation for your winter maternity photoshoot. Do you want to do the photoshoot outdoors or indoors? Do you need to hire a professional photographer? Do you have maternity clothes that match your preferred winter maternity photoshoot ideas?

The good thing with DIY winter maternity shoots is that you can take it yourself by setting up a tripod or asking your husband to do the shots for you. Here are some tips to help you achieve some of the best poses for your winter maternity shoot.

Winter Maternity Makeup

The beautiful winter sunlight can help you enhance your natural beauty. Aside from that, it is also a natural tool that creates blurry and soft effects on your photos, which can bring out your pregnancy glow.

Furthermore, your pregnancy hormones can also help you by ensuring that your skin glows like a rose in blossom and that your hair shines. In line with that, I suggest you wear more natural-looking and minimal make-up when trying to find a look that will complement your winter outfit.

What Should You Wear

When choosing what to wear on your maternity photoshoot, wear the ones that keep you comfortable and warm during and between shots.

What to wear for a photoshoot depends on whether it is a family shot, a solo portrait, or a picture of you and your best friend. If you are doing a maternity photo session, it is also best to bring several outfits to have various options.

Think about whether or not you would want a themed pregnancy photoshoot and where you can rent a seasonal costume that will bring attention to your baby bump in a festive and fun way.

Dresses with empire lines and flowing skirts are also trendy, and you may also wear your lingerie how you please-either by itself or with an open-buttoned shirt or cardigan on top of it-to highlight your developing belly. In addition, the texture provided by laces in clothes or undergarments can be a useful addition to your photographs.

Aside from that, I would also suggest you wear a pair of earrings or a thick necklace. This will help you elevate and enhance your natural pregnancy glow. However, be careful when choosing the color palette for your shot. For a winter photoshoot, black and white images of pregnant women against a white backdrop are especially dramatic.

I also suggest you look for shirts and sweaters with solid hues that are well-fitted enough to show off your growing belly. It is possible to finish the look off with a Christmas-themed beanie and gloves.

Places and Poses


It is undoubtedly tough to top a photoshoot on a cold and lovely day coated with fresh snow. However, because of the snow’s reflective properties, your maternity photos will look stunning.

In this case, choose a beautiful forest with snow-covered pine trees for your photo shoot in your comfy winter woollies. Sit on a wooden seat and rest your head on your husband’s lap while displaying your growing baby belly to the world.


Winter maternity photoshoots do not always take place outdoors. Sometimes, you can also achieve stunning pregnancy shots within the comfort of your home. As a bonus, you can access a nearby bathroom in case you need it while in the middle of the photo session.

If you take a winter pregnancy photoshoot in your home, it is best to wear colors that match your interior decoration. This will make your pregnancy photos a treasured keepsake.

To evoke the hygge spirit of Scandinavia in your pregnant photos, you may consider adding a few extras in your photo shoots, such as woven materials, knitted blankets, and a few lighted candles.

As a final touch, making an open fire or wood burner is a plus. There are several ways for your partner to pose with you while you relax on the couch with your baby bump in full view.

Final Thoughts

Your glowing beauty, flawless posing, and enviable baby belly will likely be the town’s talk for years to come. A unique maternity photoshoot in the snow is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your pregnancy.

About The Author- Jessie Williams

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