How to DIY Your Baby First Photo?

Most parents get carried by the thought of photo shooting their newborns' first picture. However, they lack information on how to capture those priceless moments.

Small children are like angels. This is even more correct in the case of newborns. The innocent smile or the unexpected behavior that a baby holds is something words fail to express. Parents reciprocate their relationship with the child through compassion and affection. However, infants grow quickly and turn into toddlers, kids, and teenagers. As time passes, the sweet memories of newborns become history. However, parents love to have lively memories of those golden days. The baby first photo comes in handy in this context. Checking those fantastic pictures refreshes your memories and takes you to a sweet era. However, the main question is – How to DIY your baby first photo? Let’s seek more information in this respect.

How to DIY your baby first photo?

Most parents get carried by the thought of photo shooting their newborns’ first picture. However, they lack information on how to capture those priceless moments. A majority of parents just pick up a camera or a Smartphone and snap the first photo. Later, they realize that the captured picture doesn’t match their expectations. Do you wish to face such an unsatisfied scenario? Your most obvious answer will be negative. So, why not employ a realistic approach when capturing the baby first photo? Here are handy tips that might ease your legwork.

Time it right

Although you can take a photo whenever you want, certain times are much better than others. Just watch the daily routine of your baby. Figure out the best time when your child is in a good mood. Usually, the best time would be to snap a photo after a feed. Babies tend to get settled and content when they’re full. They’ll be much more tolerant to gentle nudging for a pose and are likely to demonstrate that lovely smile with sparkling open eyes.

Get ready to stage the scene

A cozy and warm room sets the stage for a happy infant. He/she won’t have to be bundled up. Even simple additions can do wonders for a baby photoshoot. Make sure you keep muslin cloths and nappies nearby. By doing so, you don’t need to dash here and there to spoil the moment. Also, such scenes ensure that your baby is the focal point of the picture. Just use your imagination to come up with something unique that will make the scene lively.

Pay attention to the details

A baby is cute whether it’s a girl or a boy. You can snap the desired pictures from various points. However, make sure to focus on the minute details. Any action that a baby performs is the best. A wrinkle of the nose, a smile, giggles, and a hand clicking your fingers are popular mentions here. All these actions make a child unique. Try to snap those details when capturing the first photo of your baby. You’ll pat your back for shooting such pictures.

Choose natural lighting

When it comes to snapping baby pictures, most parents choose artificial lights. They assume that such lighting will accentuate the final picture. However, their assumptions are wrong. Flashing lights negatively impact the quality of the photo. Natural lighting, on the other hand, makes for a better image. Flash Lights can also prompt floods of tears in your baby’s eyes or wake him up. So, avoid such lighting. As a thumb rule, pick early morning or afternoon lighting for a better effect.

Position your baby properly

Remember, a child is the center stage of the photoshoot. So, make sure you focus on your baby rather than the background or other least important items. For example, don’t concentrate on a decorative background instead of the child. If you do that, the final result will get impacted. You’ll curse yourself for taking such a picture. Newborns lie down and sleep a lot. It’s best to put the baby gently into the position you prefer. Wait for your child to take innocent actions such as sipping of fingers or touching cheeks with hands.

Recording the baby first photo

The first photos are those never-to-be-repeated moments that you wish to remember. Snapping such pictures is something any parent would love to cherish. Essentially, no one wants to miss such photos. Try to capture your child’s first photo held by the grandparents, his first smile, or his first trip with you to the beach. Remember capturing such photos isn’t as easy as you might think. On the contrary, these pictures are the most difficult ones to capture. So, make sure you seek the help of your loved ones to record the first photo.

Angles and perspectives

Most parents are amateur photographers. They know little about perspectives and angles. However, getting familiar with these parameters can make a big difference between a poorly-shot picture and a lovely photo. So, do some legwork in this respect. After getting familiar with those parameters, crouch down to your child’s eye level in such a way that you share the same space.

Concentrate on the details – the adorable ear lobe, the tiny hand, and the long eyelashes. Such details are unique to your newborn, and they’ll soon get bigger than your expectations. So, adjust the angle and focus properly to snap high-quality pictures.


You may either photoshoot a baby naked or in clothing. The choice is totally yours. It essentially depends on your preferences and liking. However, cute clothing can accentuate the picture to a great extent. Warm and patterned outfits are worth mentioning in this respect. Choose sweet clothes and a bright-colored blanket. Vary them so that the photos come as cute as the baby. Putting a hat on your child’s head can make the photo even more exclusive. This is especially the case if the hat was crafted by a relative or close friend. It’ll definitely make your photoshoot day.

Get spontaneous

Staging a photoshoot of a child can get tricky. You can’t judge the moments of your infant. Babies behave as they want. They don’t follow a set pattern and do whatever they feel like. The situation could get even more daunting if they don’t co-operate. You may have to wait for a long time to snap the most-awaited first photo. So, make sure you’re spontaneous when taking a photo. Have the camera nearby all the time. That way, you’re more likely to photoshoot special moments that usually happen when you hardly expect them.


No matter when and how you photoshoot your baby, all photos will make you stunning. However, some moments are better than others. Usually, the images of a happy child are wonderful. A well-fed newborn could give you the much-sought images. Yet, it’s best to capture infants in other moods too. The images of a child being thoughtful or looking serious can lend extra charm to the photo album. Look for such moods when snapping the baby first photo. Those pictures will serve as reminders of what your child was like as an infant.


Many people have differences of opinion on this matter. Some parents assert that they should capture a couple of photos. Then others think that a collection of over a hundred photos will be a better idea. The views of both types of parents are okay. However, those photos should stand out from other pictures of a child. As a general rule, try to capture 75 shots during the baby’s first photo shoot. Why? Not all shots will come as expected.

Undesirable lighting, angles, and other issues may pop up when shooting photos. However, the more pictures you shoot, the better your final choice will be. You should be able to pick a couple of stunning pictures of your baby from those 70 to 80 images. It may seem too much for any parent. However, Smartphones come in handy to resolve your worries. Have a good quality phone and snap multiple images. Later, you can sort the winning pictures from the duds.

Special occasions

Some parents want to snap the first photo of their infants on special occasions. If you think that way, consider the baby’s first bath for the photoshoot. An infant trying to sit on his own is another special occasion. Capturing the first photo when your child reaches his first week is also a worthwhile idea. Just find out what you wish to snap first. A little bit of creativity should work fine for your situation. That should ease your labor and help you grab the best photos.

Bottom line

Capturing the baby first photo is the dream of any parent. Those giggles and mischievous moments can drive anyone crazy. However, most parents don’t know how to take the right pictures of their baby at the right moment. If you’re one such parent, follow the above advice on how to DIY your baby first photo. Go through each point in great detail. If you stick to the above advice and dedicate enough time, you should capture the best images of your child. Just be sure to set aside enough time for the photoshoot to come up with lively and priceless moments.

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