How You Can DIY Hot Cocoa Baby Photo Shoot

You may wonder which setup you can use to DIY your baby photoshoot. We got you covered! You can consider a hot cocoa-baby photoshoot at your home. The hot cocoa-baby photoshoot is one of the best, and it is a unique setup for your photoshoot.

You may wonder which setup you can use to DIY your baby photoshoot. We got you covered! You can consider a hot cocoa-baby photoshoot at your home. The hot cocoa-baby photoshoot is one of the best, and it is a unique setup for your photoshoot. The whole idea of using hot cocoa on your baby’s photoshoot, apart from its sweet scent and flavor, is that the cocoa powder has medicinal value in that it is good and can protect your baby’s skin.

Cocoa has flavanol that reduces the danger of ultraviolet light and also maintains the smoothness of your baby’s skin. Cocoa also makes the skin of your baby glow. You can also maintain a favorable temperature for your baby using hot cocoa. Also, adopting this background setup for your photoshoot is good for those babies who can sit comfortably and whose spinal cord is not in danger. If you are a newbie here and want to know about the whole idea of a DIY hot cocoa-baby photoshoot, you can look at this article.

The required items for the DIY hot cocoa photoshoot are the follows;

1.A large plastic planter container

2.Any prop of your liking; you can use an anti-slippery mat or a towel


4.Something to keep the baby occupied while in the hot cocoa example, is a toy or marshmallows.

5.Cocoa powder

6.Your camera

Preparation for the hot cocoa-baby photoshoot background setup includes the following activities;

1.Get the plastic planter of your preferred color and place it in a stable position, free from falling.

2.Warm the water using your preferred heat source (the available one). Ensure that the warmth is favorable to the baby and cannot cause any harm, and add it to your plastic planter.

3.Add the cocoa powder into the warm water and ensure that they mix well by stirring them.

4.You then put your prop at the bottom of the plastic planter so that your baby will sit upright and at a desirable position so that your baby will not get slippery.

5.Add your marshmallow or small toy into your hot cocoa in the plastic planter.

6.You can put your baby inside the plastic planter and ensure that the baby is safe.

After you finish the setting of the background of your photoshoot, you can commence the activities of snapping your pictures.

Tips on doing a DIY hot cocoa photoshoot

#1. You should ensure that your baby is safe and sound.

You should ensure that the hat cocoa does not cover your baby’s whole body. This will prevent the baby from drowning in the hot cocoa. The photoshoot area should not be near harmful objects where the baby can hold and fall. The background should be clear; only the plastic planter should be there. Electric cables and wires should also be far from the photoshoot area as it is known that they can cause death if not properly taken care of. The water should not be hot as it will burn the baby; it should not be cold as it can lead to the baby getting a common cold, and you may not like that. Also, ensure the poses are not going to cause any danger like falling or even breaking the baby.

#2. You may consider having friends or family members during the photoshoot session.

Having friends or family members creates good moments and memories altogether. People around you will help you in capturing the shots. In addition, with them, you can ease the tension that you could have if you were alone. Family members or friends will also help you have confidence in taking DIY hot cocoa photos. The friend also may make the moment lively and cheerful and create a warm environment that will help the baby concentrate and pay attention to the activities going on at the moment.

Also, you can get great ideas from your friends and family concerning the DIY hot cocoa photo shoot. Friends and families can also see the impending danger waiting for you and advise you to avoid it, which you could not have seen if you were all alone. The company also makes you feel safe and secure during the photoshoot session, resulting in good-looking shots.

#3. You may consider having unique poses as far as you are concerned.

The aim of this possesses to make the moments as great as possible. Considering poses, it is also good to check on what others have done considering what to try in this new area of baby photography. There is no need to feel dumb that you know nothing about posing a baby for a photo. To make good poses, you should also deal with the fear of breaking the baby and ensure that you’re careful. You can also be creative and come up with new ideas for your baby posing in the hot cocoa, which are not dangerous. By doing so, your DIY photos will look stunning and lovely.

#4. Before starting a DIY hot cocoa-baby photoshoot, ensure that your camera battery is fully charged with power.

This is important as it will help you take as many shots as possible without the battery dying mid-way and ruining the whole good moment of your photo shoot session. Ensure also that you have learned how to use your camera’s settings. This will help you do your photography well and make them look like a professional photographer has taken them. It is also important to save the pictures to ensure that they will not get lost or disappear after the session. Also, learning tutorials from other photographers can help you save time and ensure that the baby does not stay in the hot cocoa for too long. The knowledge will also help you know the best angles for the best shot resulting in the best shots.

#5. You should also be aware of your baby photoshoot session’s start time and end time.

This will help you keep your timing and ensure that you get as many snaps as possible without any hurry as long as you are on your timing. Do not take too long on the session as the baby will get tired of posing and start to disturb the peaceful moment.

#6. Ensure that your baby is in good health before subjecting them to the photoshoot session.

You might not want to see your baby getting sick because of this brilliant idea of the DIY hot cocoa photo shoot. The concept of hot cocoa photoshoot is not ideal for those kids who have gained health issues, and you may need to consider another background in baby photography. Kids should not be subjected to lights when they are unwell. So, keep note of this.

#7. Ensure that you are confident enough and ready to undertake this session.

You should also prepare psychologically and ensure that you are in a good mood. This will result in great shots. A good mood also will reduce frustrations; sometimes, babies may annoy you as they will not do as you wish them to, and this calls for you to be flexible. Your good mood will also influence your baby’s spirit in case the baby is one of those who does not want to stay in the water. You also need to ensure that you have fed the baby enough to avoid breaks and bad times between the session. A baby who has fed enough can remain active and jovial throughout the DIY session. Ensure the baby’s food is readily available in case the baby gets hungry. Your work will be to feed the baby and resume the session of taking photos.

#8. You should also consider having a dry towel near you to dry the baby after getting it out of the plastic planter.

Some clothes like a baby hat can be used during the DIY hot cocoa-baby photoshoot session. This will ensure clear and sharp photos are taken and at no point will you take pictures that are not clear. Drying your child with a towel, will ease the work because you don’t want to wet your child and leave it just like that.


The DIY of hot cocoa the baby photoshoot is one of the best and most incredible ideas in baby photography, and it is good to try it if you are in a position to do it. You can also consider knowing it if you are a woman considering having kids in the future. The above-shared information will be of great help to you, and you should consider doing it. Young fathers are also not left out in this information as it is essential to them. They should encourage their wives to DIY photoshoots. They should also try it and be the family photographers. We wish you all the best even as you consider the DIY cocoa-baby photoshoot and keep this excellent moment for future memories.

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