Special Baby Photoshoot Ideas: Shower, Bath and a Milk Bath

It is their joy to capture every moment of their unborn and born baby for most mums. It creates the most memorable moments in the motherhood journey. There are several photoshoots that a parent can do by themselves with a little help.

It is their joy to capture every moment of their unborn and born baby for most mums. It creates the most memorable moments in the motherhood journey. There are several photoshoots that a parent can do by themselves with a little help.


Baby showers mark the celebration of a new member of a family. The party is mostly a celebration between family and friends and involves creating memorable moments together. Most baby shower shots are taken when friends and family surround the mum-to-be. Other photos of the baby bump are taken, which exposes the growing baby in the belly. There are several ideas that you can use for the baby shower photos

1. Frame the bump photos

You can have a photo booth where you and your friends will capture the happy moments. You can also improvise a big photo frame where you can pose for photos. Get a little help from your friends where they can hold the photo frame around the baby bump

2. Have a theme

Most baby showers nowadays have a theme of the day. People may choose colors, activities, and small details to act as a theme. Themes bring out the best photoshoots during baby showers. With colors, you may choose a uniform color such as all white. Themes mostly symbolize what the parents are most interested in. It is advisable to choose something that makes you happy for your baby shower shoot.

3. Go back in time

It is everyone’s joy to look at baby photos. You can request your guests to carry their photos from when they were younger. During the photoshoots, everybody can hold their photos side by side. It will bring back memories of everyone when they were kids.

Do you want to have memorable baby shower photography? Follow the following tips.

Ensure small details are captured

Capture everything from the beginning of the baby shower to the end. The small details are the ones that will make your baby shower a happy and successful day. Capture the flowers, the food, fashion, and the theme-any gifts brought need to be captured too. Any patterns used, décor and fabrics will bring out the detail as a whole.

Have some fun activities

Fun activities make everybody joyful and ensure that everybody is active. During baby showers, you can have activities like games. With these, you will capture photos as people enjoy the day. Other activities may include:

  • Writing notes for the parent-to-be.
  • Receiving the gift.
  • Unwrapping.
  • Reacting to the gifts.

Revisiting the photos years later will bring back memories.

When the time for baby photos arrive, you can stack them next to baby shower photos. It will show the growth process of your child with time.


Milk and babies go side by side with each other. For a newborn baby, milk is the major source of nutrition. It goes for the first year since the baby was born. For the first six months since childbirth, the baby only consumes milk. With the evolving world, there is a trend where mothers are bathing their infants with breast milk. They state that bathing a child with breast milk ensures that irritating skin is soothed. Breast milk also helps in healing diaper rashes. Finally, for mothers who love taking photos of their babies, bathing your child in milk will give you the best baby photoshoot at home. Consider the following tips to have a magical milk bath baby shoot.

1. Flow with the baby

Your child may not follow your creative program of taking the milk bath photos. As babies, they cannot follow any instructions or hear what you say. You can capture some photos since they keep rolling all over and playing with the milk. With their activities, you can come up with the best ideas to get the baby’s best photos. If the child wants to sit upright, you can capture their chubby cheeks. When the baby puts on a funny face, take the photo as quickly as possible before changing their mood.

2. Get in the milk bath

Have a friend come over, or a family member takes photos of you and your baby. Get in the milk bath with the baby to make them feel more comfortable. The photos will also give a mummy moment time during the photo shoot. If the child is too young, it is advisable to get in the milk bath and hold them. The milk bath photoshoot will remind you of the breastfeeding period in the future.

3. Create a destruction

The good thing about babies is that it is easy to change what they think through destruction. A baby’s mood changes within a minute without even noticing. One minute they are happy; the other minute, they are crying. By destructing them, you can focus their mind on one thing. Have the baby hold a flower or a toy. It will keep their mind destructed from other activities. Ensure that you capture the photos as fast as possible if your baby gets involved in many activities.

4. Outdoor milk bath shoot

Go out on a sunny day and prepare everything needed for a milk bath shoot. Ensure that the scene looks attractive and lovely. It will also ensure minimal mess is caused, unlike having the shoot in the house. The baby is more likely to enjoy an outdoor shot than an indoor shoot in good weather. It will also help you explore other capturing options.

5. Use flowers and fruits

Using decorations such as flowers and fruits will make the photos more attractive. The decorations will bring out the theme better than using plain milk. Use fruits with bright colors, such as strawberries. If the baby wants to feed in the middle of the shoot, they can take a bite of the fruits used.


Water is one of the most beautiful things in nature to take excellent photos. You are aware that most babies love water. They can stay all day playing around with water. A bath shoot will be the easiest shoot. Water photo shoots are very artistic and bring out the best personality of a person. Bath photo shoots should be enjoyable and unforgettable for most babies. As a mother coming up with more creative ideas will spice up the photoshoot. There are several tips to bring out the best bath baby shoots for your baby at home. You will have the baby’s best photos during the bath photoshoot, as stated below.

1. Use neon lights.

If you plan to take the photos from the bathroom, you can add neon lights. If the baby is a girl, you can use pink lights and blue for a boy. The colors will bring out the best reflection and lighting during the shoot. You can also add notes such as “Most wonderful baby” signs around the area using different colors to create a better theme.

2. Green gardens

If you have a backyard in your home, you have the best place to take the bath shoot. Have everything you need before starting the photoshoot. Ensure that the weather is conducive for the baby as it is an outdoor activity. The photos will bring out the best nature shoot ever experienced with the green gardens and water. Choose the photoshoot when the garden is very colorful at the time of the year.

3. Looking for a Zen in a bathhouse

If you plan a fun day out with your baby, you can book a bathhouse for some hours. Just carry your camera with you and take many photos as possible. The bathhouse has everything already set for you. It will be easier to enjoy yourselves and take photos simultaneously. Most bathhouses have an ocean view, which will give a great background for your baby shoot.

4. Use natural light

Do you want a simple photoshoot for your baby? Use natural light to take photos of your baby in a bathtub. Natural light is most likely going to bring gorgeous backdrops. Chooses a room that can get as much light as possible for the shoot. It will take less time to arrange the shoot. The shoot will also be very simple and natural. Natural light ensures that your baby is the focus while taking the photos.

5. Simple outdoor bath shoot with big bowls

You can take big bowls out on a sunny day, fill them with water and add some décor such as flowers. The photos will be beautiful and natural. You can also spice it up with other decorations such as balloons to make it look colorful.

In conclusion, photos help us keep memories of past happy moments. Documenting your child’s journey before and after a bath can be a fun activity to do by yourself. With a little help and creativity, you will have the best photo album for your child. It does not necessarily need a high budget to plan for a good photoshoot; just several ideas, and you are good to go.

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