Valentines Day Pregnancy Photoshoot DIY Guide

Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity for a pregnancy photoshoot. However, hiring someone else for the photo shoot is not always necessary.

The DIY guide below makes it easy to conduct and complete the pregnancy photoshoot yourself. The tips below will help you organize everything and complete Valentines day pregnancy photoshoot on time.

1. Use the right valentine’s day backdrop:

The backdrop is pretty essential. It is especially true when looking for a themed photoshoot like Valentine’s Day.

However, you need not spend a lot of hours creating the backdrop.

A simple heart backdrop or Valentine’s Day wallpaper would do. If you’re using the wallpaper, you can hang it temporarily using a screw or a nail rather than pasting it to the wall. If it is on a thin sheet of paper, you can stick it to cardboard, and afterward, you can hang the cardboard in the background.

If you do not want to go with the entire wallpaper, a good idea is to just use a few props and stick them up on the wall like hearts, ribbons, red candles, and so on.

2. Do not forget the valentine’s day props:

No Valentine’s day pregnancy photo shoot is complete without the valentine’s day props. However, the props can be of different types as well. Rather than going for something expensive, you can use props like:

· Hearts

· Ribbons

· Heart pillows

· Glitter props

Using such props in the shoot, especially in the backdrop, will ensure that you can reflect the theme very well. Not only that, most of these props are quite affordable as well. Because of the same, there is no need to spend a lot of money on your photoshoot.

3. Create love boards:

You might be thinking, what exactly are love boards?

To create a love board, you have to take a piece of cardboard and stick a plain sheet of paper to it. On this, you have to write messages for your baby and Valentine’s Day.

Some such messages are:

· This Valentine’s Day made me love you even more. Can’t wait to hold you in my hands.

· Anticipation is sweet. This Valentine’s Day, I will wait for you in anticipation. By next Valentine’s Day, I will be holding you in my hands.

· And so on

4. Start in the morning:

You have to try and wrap up the photo shoot on the same day. That is because since you’re opting for a Valentine’s Day photo shoot, doing it on another day won’t evoke the same feelings.

To ensure that you complete it on the same day, you must start in the morning. That is because, during pregnancy, it is likely that you will get tired pretty soon. That is why frequent breaks will be needed.

If you continue taking photos consistently without a break, you won’t look fresh in the photos.

A much better approach is to start in the morning, take frequent breaks, keep yourself hydrated and well fed, and continue the photo shoot.

Another advantage of starting in the morning is using natural light without needing any artificial lights. It will save you money since you won’t have to buy artificial lights for the photo shoot.

5. Roses to the rescue:

No Valentine’s Day photo shoot is complete without roses. Whether a pregnancy photoshoot or a valentine themed photo shoot, roses are a must.

One of the best ways to pose with the roses is to create a bed full of roses, lie on it with a board and click the photo from the top.

Nothing screams valentine’s day than a bed full of roses.

6. Use camera angles to your advantage:

I have been through a pregnancy photo shoot. I understand how taxing it is. That is why, when you’re trying to pose, do not exert excessive pressure on your body.

A much better idea is to use camera angles. That way, you can remain more or less stationary, and by adjusting the camera, you can get the angles you want.

7. Do not forget the wireless remote:

Many tripod stands and selfie sticks come with their wireless remote as well. You need to get either of these along with a wireless remote. Once you do so, you and your partner can focus on posing rather than worrying about clicking the button on time.

The wireless remote has more than enough range for a single room. Because of the same, it is easy to capture photos once you get such a remote and a tripod stand.

8. Change the backdrop with time:

The light conditions will change as the day and the photo shoot progresses. Accordingly, you have to change the backdrop. However, changing the backdrop at the last moment is not a good idea.

You have to prepare the backdrop idea well ahead of time. That way, you can change the backdrop in a few minutes. You have to procure all the necessities for the backdrop as well.

However, you still need to ensure that the backdrop is valentine themed.

Some of the advantages of going with the multiple valentine themed backdrops include:

· There will be a diverse background. That is why there will be no more monotony.

· In case a certain backdrop doesn’t look good enough. Still half of your photo shoot will be saved because you change the backgrounds.

Due to these two advantages, changing the backdrops during the photoshoot is good.

9. Get themed attire:

Until now, I’ve spoken about the themed backdrop, props, and so on. However, your attire needs to be as per Valentine’s Day theme. A simple red high-low dress is good enough. Make sure that your partner also wears something to complement your attire.

Thus, if you want to get the right attire for a valentine’s day pregnancy photoshoot without spending a lot, this simple tip will help you out.

10. Use the photo editing apps to your advantage:

Usually, when you do not get the perfect shot, you take another photo. However, the pregnancy photo shoot is pretty taxing for the mother. Rather than taking multiple photos in the same pose, use photo editing apps to your advantage. That way, even a substandard photo can be made better without having to take the photo again.

Thus, getting Valentines day pregnancy photoshoot is not a difficult task once you follow the handful of tips above. You can get excellent results once you follow the guide above and make the photo shoot memorable for yourself, your partner, and your child.

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